Cruelty? Nail salon under fire for ‘live ant’ manicures

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Get ready to shake your head in disbelief and most likely disgust at this nail salon. There is eccentric and quirky out there in the world of manicures; ranging from miniature combs, to nails that look like feet and even hot dogs (with mustard), but come-on – let’s draw the line somewhere.

A Moscow based nail salon has come under fire for using “live ants.” According to Nail Sunny Instagram, it would seem the salon has taken art too far. Maybe it’s a stretch to say using live ants is animal cruelty, but the entire campaign to adorn fingertips with moving ants kept prisoners at the fingertips hasn’t been a fan favorite for sure.

According to The Sun, the salon started with the question:

“Ants in the nails – YAY OR NAY?

What happened with ants? Look the next video!!!! They are breathing!!!!”

The video does show the ants are still alive after they are released from the nail tips, but it would seem even the most avid divas of unusual nail art were far less impressed with this idea.

“shanaiapapya – Good Lord why do that in the first place?”

“mester.dora – It’s animal cruelty. They are suffering.”

“scaneet – “This is utterly disgusting.”

“glitzy nailz – “I hope you set these ants free. They are working ants and their colony needs them. They’ll probably be rejected now because they’ll stink of acetone.”

And the criticisms continued. As with all of their other nail art, Sunny Nails provides how-to video. As can be seen, the tutorial was not well received either. Check it out here on Instagram.

“cashewkelly Are you guys fkn psychopaths?! That’s not only the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen but horrible and cruel!!! Who would ever want to watch innocent creatures be tortured and die and slow death at all let alone in their nails. Fkn disgusting. People are sick.”

The video shows the extended acrylics being applied before another layer is added to create a vessel where the ant is grabbed unwillingly by  tweezers and shoved into the small opening. The hole is then sealed shut, and one can see the ant frantically circling around the small space. Why?

A few people defended the shop stating ants are stepped on all the time. Most disagreed between accidental stepping and deliberate torture for “art.” Most people agree not to use living things for fun and amusement and especially for aesthetics. The video did show the ants were still alive when they were freed, but come on folks – give it a break! Just being deliberately cruel is just wrong.

(Photos and videos via Instagram)

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  1. These people are CRUEL, INHUMANE and INSANE! Animal cruelty is NOT defined by the size of the creature, so it is not a stretch to call it what it is!
    Also, nobody DELIBERATELY steps on ants, so that is a big difference!

  2. My God, how depraved and evil can people be. Is it ok to take away a living being’s freedom? What if it benefits another living being? Is there a hierarchy of life, where it’s ok to hurt one because it brings joy? ANIMAL LIVES MATTER! IT DOES NOT MATER THE SHAPE OR SIZE THEY ARE LIVING BEINGS, YOU STUPID MORON, YOU SHOULD PAY FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING MURDERER, YES THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE, AND I HOPE YOU PAY FOR IT


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