Six-week-old puppies with muzzles tied with rubber bands rescued

In a random twist of events and fate, six-week-old puppies, with their muzzles tied with rubber bands, were rescued on Wednesday from an apartment in Wichita, Kansas.

The two puppies were found after a maintenance worker was sent to the apartment to fix a pipe that had burst the previous day. According to the Wichita Animal Action League, the men were shocked and called for help after spotting the puppies. Sarah Coffman, the organization’s director was shocked at the conditions where the puppies were discovered.

“I can’t get the smell of rancid, rotting, puppy poop out of my nose. My shoes and pants are probably toast. My bathroom smells so strong like bleach it stings the eyes a little…I’ve never been on the scene of something so awful it warranted an immediate seizure. I hope I never see it again. But I promise you I’ll meet that demand to save lives like this every single time and so will my team.”

Animal Control officers picked up the puppies and rushed them to an emergency veterinarian where hospital director Dr. Brock Lofgreen and the staff removed the rubber bands estimated to have been on the puppies for 12 hours. They had been left in urine stained cages covered with feces.

The puppies are expected to make a full recovery. An investigation is ongoing.

(Photos of puppies with muzzles tied with rubber bands via Wichita Animal Action League Facebook)

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