Owner moved, leaving dog at shelter – nobody is interested in her at all

Overlooked dog with no interest
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Once upon a time, Angel had a family. But that family moved away and decided that she wasn’t part of their plans. Angel was taken to California’s City of Shasta lake animal shelter and there she sits…waiting.

No interest in this surrendered dog

Nobody is interested in Angel. Is she too plain? Too quiet? Too unassuming? Whatever the case may be, nobody has taken any interest in her whatsoever. Earlier this month, the Facebook page, Save the Nor-Cal Shelter Dogs wrote:

Quiet, sweet… and kinda sad.

“Angel”…. needs an angel. Her owner was moving and couldn’t take her. So, she sits in a shelter needing a forever home.

Information about this homeless dog

Angel is listed as an adult, though her exact age is not known. Her former owner has stated that she is a German shepherd mix, but volunteers think she looks like a cattle dog mix. She is said to be good with dogs who are her size and larger. She took treats gently from a volunteer.

How you can help this overlooked dog

Angel has nobody to help her right now, except for strangers. That is you! You can lend this overlooked dog a hand by sharing this article on your social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). Angel has no way to help herself – somebody out there has to care enough to save her from a fate which she did not choose.

Angel is located at:

City of Shasta lake animal shelter
3025 Ashby Rd
City of Shasta Lake, CA
530 275 7480

The shelter is small and fills up quickly.



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  1. Someone please help her…at some point in each of our lives we all need a helpful hand her time is now. Give her a chance, of the table was turned I’m 1000% sure she would help you… without be asked!

  2. sharing. Poor baby and horrible people who left her. People are so sickening sometimes. I have hope though because of those who care for this sweet fur-baby

  3. Needs to be facilities for dogs that are very adoptable to have more of a chance of finding a home. Networking even by the shelters with other shelters distances away might help bring attention to dogs like this. They may not be full and could take this sweet dog and possibly get her adopted. Many shelters around this country that are not full, so animals like April could easily be transported to those shelters.

  4. ALL IT NEEDS IS ONE KIND AND LOVING SOUL, Bless April, I hope someone, some good, kind person, finds a place for her soon

  5. 40 years ago I came by train from New York to California I brought my mini poodle with me. I never even thought of leaving him.

  6. Someone please help she just needs someone to love her can we donate to keep her alive til a adopter is found poor baby


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