Landlord issues leave senior dog homeless

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Every dog held at an animal shelter has a story about how they came to be there…from owners moving, owners dying, to simply no longer wanted and cast aside. Seldom is it the result of anything the dog has done. Such is the case for a senior dog in California who finds herself homeless at 11 years of age – the reason provided by her former owner is “landlord issues.”

landlord issues leave senior dog homeless

Her name is Cocoa

Cocoa, a beagle mix, was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center on November 16th. She was brought to the facility with her good buddy, Al, who she is said to be bonded with.

Landlord issues

United Hope For Animals writes:

Cocoa is a friendly, easygoing older lady. She has impeccable manners on leash and is already housebroken. She gets along well with other dogs; in fact, Cocoa was brought in with Al (A4992191), who she is pretty bonded to; the two love to cuddle and cling to each other in the shelter environment.

Saving Cocoa and Al

Few people visit an animal shelter in search of a senior dog – most are hoping to find a puppy or active young adult. Because of this sad reality, Al and Cocoa are in need of extra attention if the are to make it out alive.

You can give these dogs the chance they deserve by sharing this article with their adoption information.

Cocoa’s identification number A4810815 and Al’s identification number A4992191′

For more information on these pets, contact volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Catherine at 562-301-9184 or [email protected]

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