Dog rescued from pipe

Miniature dachshund rescued after 24 hours from pipe after chasing rabbit

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In Secaucus, New Jersey a miniature long-haired dachshund was rescued after 24 hours from a pipe when it got stuck while pursuing a rabbit. The dog was stuck in the vertical position six feet into the pipe.

According to NbcNews, the  one-year-old dog named Khaleesi was rescued with the help of the Secaucus Fire Department. According to his owner, Khaleesi had been outside hunting and smelled the rabbit, but as the rabbit made a mad dash to hide in the pipe, Khaleesi got stuck.

Her owner, Emilio Ramos tracked the location of Khaleesi using a transmitter collar. He heard barking which turned into a crying noise.

Firefighters worried the wall of the old building around the hole could collapse and left the dog that first night alone, hoping she would wiggle out himself, but when that didn’t happen the rescue efforts began.

“After 6 feet in, the pipe turned vertical and that’s where the dog was stuck facing up. That’s why she couldn’t back out. And we just kept chipping away. We used the jaws of life to break the pipe. And finally we got close enough where we could get the dog out and it was a happy ending,” posted the Secaucus Fire Department.

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(screenshot via NBC News)

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