Homeless woman helped injured dog

Gravely injured dog turned to homeless woman for help

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On Sunday night, a gravely injured dog, emaciated and missing a leg, sought out help from a homeless woman in Fresno, California. The five-year-old dog, dubbed Hope, crawled into the woman’s cardboard home…seeking comfort and assistance. Fortunately, the unspoken cry for help was answered.

Saving Hope

The woman loaded the injured dog into a milk crate and biked her to the Animal Compassion Team (ACT). The non-profit organization outlined Hope’s pitiful condition:

In addition to having a bloody stump for a leg, Hope is emaciated and lactating. Life just hasn’t treated her kindly. In spite of this, she is gentle and loving. We took one look at her and knew we couldn’t turn the away. She is at the ER right now. She will be stabilized overnight and have what’s left of her leg amputated tomorrow.

Nobody knows what happened to Hope – how her leg was ripped from her body, or where her puppies are. But they do know that she is desperately in need of help. Anyone hoping to make a contribution can donate on the Facebook page for ACT here.

(screenshot via YourCentralValley)

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Thank you…

Oh my gosh, sweet reunion!


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