Heartless jerk ties metal weight to drown Lab in St. Johns River

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In Lake County, Florida a heartless jerk tied a metal weight to a dark red Labrador retriever and threw her into the St. Johns River where she died a slow, agonizing death desperately trying to gasp for air and stay afloat.

The dog’s body was discovered in Astor, and Allyssa Bates has been rallying local citizens and animal advocates to help find the culprit responsible for the abject cruelty. On her Facebook page, Allyssa fills in the disturbing details:

‘To the dirtbag that drowned their dog in the St Johns River:

Not that you care, but we found her. The alligators hadn’t made it to her yet. She was found floating despite your makeshift anchor. Many people probably passed her thinking she was a deer.”

Allyssa continued reminding everyone there are humane alternatives when a dog is no longer wanted.

You didn’t want her? There’s shelters and rescues that would’ve taken her. There are people that would’ve humanely euthanized her for you, including myself, if you didn’t have the money or whatever lame excuse you had for something being wrong with her. I will do whatever I can to find you despite her not having a chip and publicly identify you making sure that Aggravated Animal Cruelty charge sticks with you for life. You didn’t deserve her.”

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Allyssa or call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 352.343.2101. The dog is described as an older, spayed Golden/Red Labrador retriever.

Share her story and help find justice for those who cannot speak.

(Photo for dog drowned in St. Johns River via Facebook)

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  1. It would seem Florida is fast becoming the new Texas when it comes to animal abuse. Everyday we are seeing some POS in Florida doing something like this! I hope they find the monster that did this to this dog and they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. With Ponce’s Law signed into effect the other day by Florida governor Rick Scott, I pray that the scum who did this to this poor lab, deserves the same punishment when caught. What a coward to do this to a helpless animal and know full well how he will die. Could have easily taken to a shelter and say you found the dog wandering on the road. Lie if you had to, but at the very least, the dog would still be alive and may have been adopted. Scum and coward-hope you are caught and rot in jail.

  3. FIND this BAST*RD and tie ALL FOUR BRAKE ROTORS TO *** HIS *** NECK… but be SURE the ‘gators find him BEFORE he expires!

  4. This is beyond awful. That poor furbaby….. I will have nightmares thinking about how she suffered…… Totally unnecessary: the POS had other options besides murder…..

    I know this POS will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….. RIP precious furbaby. Sorry your humans failed you so terribly….. Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and RIP with him and his loving snuggle buddies……

    • I’ll have nightmares, too. I love all dogs but Labradors have a special place in my heart. I cannot begin to imagine the fear and suffering this sweet baby endured as she struggled to stay alive.

  5. ???????????? HEARTBREAKING AND HORRIFIC!!! My heart aches for the agonizing pain, horrific torture and despicable betrayal you suffered from that evil monster! Precious Pup, I’m so very sorry you were so horribly failed by that disgusting scumbag! You deserved so much better. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Andel Lab. You are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play and run with all the Angels in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds. God Bless you, Precious Lab Pup. I’m praying for your deserved justice and that dangerous evil monster is thrown in prison and dies a miserable painful lonely death behind bars!!! RIP Angel Lab Pup, you are loved and will not be forgotten. ❤️????????????????????????????????????????????❤️

  6. There is no justice harsh enough for the murder of this poor innocent victim! Whoever did this should suffer the same fate as this poor baby! If there is a petition created, please send it to me!


  8. Like I have said several times if these punk coward POS were treated the same way as an infant these assholes wouldn’t be here. Too bad their mother didn’t put a weight on them and them them in a corral full of wild hogs which is better. Sick low life scumbags

  9. What these living subhumans can think of harming an animal. I really hate all animal abusers and wish I can put them in a building and get rid of them all at once. Hope the all rot and slowly die with cancer.

  10. WE in AMERICA HAVE LOOKDED DOWN ON & CRITICISED the 3rd WORLD COUNTRIES for WHAT a Large Number OF AMERICAN SCUM BAGS “now Doing here in The USA!!! This is SHAMEFUL< DISGRACEFULL < EVIL and BARBARIC !!! We were ONCE a NATION of PRIDE ! Our FATHER's , BROTHER's and SON's & DAUGHTER's have FOUGHT and DIED so OUR Country of be FREE and INDEPENDENT… WHAT the HELL HAS BECOME OF US!!! We need to hang our HEADS IN SHAME for what We are ALLOWING TO BECOME of US as a LEADER!!! The crimes against our Domestic Animal's is SO Not What our Nation STANDS FOR!!!


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