Jade has cancer

Death row dog beat odds, but now cancer threatens to steal her life

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A sweet pit bull named Jade narrowly beat the odds when she was pulled off of Miami-Dade Animal Control’s death row in December. Jade is now safe with a rescue group, but cancer threatens to steal her young life away if she does not receive treatment.

According to Lisa with the Passion for Pets Rescue, Jade has a very large Mast Cell tumor on her foot, and she not only needs for the impacted leg to be amputated, but she also requires chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the rescue group caring for her is stretched thin, providing care for the other dogs currently without homes, and there aren’t enough funds to get Jade what she needs to survive.

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Losing Jade, because of a lack of funds for the care she needs, is something that the rescue can’t fathom. Jade is just three years of age and she is a sweet girl who loves kids and cuddling. A fundraiser has been established to help raise money for Jade’s veterinary expenses, but donations have been woefully small…Please read more about Jade at this link to her fundraiser – if you are unable to donate, please share her story. Perhaps it will reach enough people to save her life.

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  1. vicki Hood says:

    Mast cell is almost always caused by vaccine after vaccine. You can cure it. I did several times over with numerous dogs on my own and by helping those interested. I help all i can with disabled dogs. Turmeric starves the blood roots and the small tumors turn first grey then black and are gone. The big tumors need cut out. It takes weeks but i like to keep up the treatment for probably 6 weeks then back to normal daily dosages. TO START–do normal dosage several times a day, according to weight. Very quickly, increase each dosage until you reach a point of stomach upset. When stomach shows upset you back off a little. Keep up with the multiple doses each day . 6 weeks. Turmeric cannot cause damage. It is a spice where, in countries that use it heavily the cancer rate is extremely low. I am not a doctor but my research is extensive. What can you lose? —By all means NEVER vaccinate these animals again. Their system was compromised and killed already. They don’t need more of the same. Check ingredients in vaccines before you decide. Look at what it does to some of our veterans, school children and all.

  2. Vicki P hood says:

    PPR please contact me. There is no PPR shelter in Miami area. Does a foster have her? I have a probable cure for her.


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