Cat reunited with family after their California home lost to mudslides

A cat was reunited with her family on Monday in Montecito, California after their home was destroyed during the mudslides. According to the Santa Barbara County Animal Services, the organization had been checking the cat’s former home since January 9, looking for signs the kitty named Koshka was still alive.

Koshka’s family had been rescued by helicopter at their residence on Oak Grove Road and reached out to the Santa Barbara County Animal Services for help finding their beloved cat. A fire department team, however had stated they had not seen Koshka, but had spotted muddy paw prints.

On Monday, ASPCA Officers Pennon and his partner Lauren were able to enter the property safely and were able to access a window. And there she was! Koshka was caked with mud, but she was so grateful to have been rescued.

Photo and video of cat found after mudslides via Santa Barbara County Animal Services

Check out the video below and be ready to cry “happy tears.” Even through disaster, our prayers are often answered.



Koshka's home was destroyed in the Montecito mud slide. Her family was certain they would not make it and left some goodbye messages for each other. Her family was rescued by helicopter after their home was devastated by the mud on Oak Grove Rd. They reached out to us for desperate help to find their beloved cat. Our teams went to the property as soon as we were able but we were not able to access the property safely. We consulted with a nearby fire team who was unable to see Koshka but could see her muddy paw prints which gave us hope. Our teams continued to check the property daily since January 9th but were losing hope as we could not safely access the remainder of the home. Today, our Officer Pennon and his partner Lauren from the ASPCA were able to get close enough to the property and felt it was safe to access a window. They found Koshka with mud caked fur, and she was thankful to see her rescuers. Take a moment to enjoy Koshka's reunion with her parents today. We recommend you have tissues handy. Santa Barbara County Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office Santa Barbara City Fire Department Santa Barbara County Fire Department Montecito, California

Posted by Santa Barbara County Animal Services on Monday, January 15, 2018



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5 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    True Caring, Loving, Couple , Home, Contents Forever Gone !!! But to see how genuine happiness just radiates from them because Their little Cat survived SAYS IT ALL ::: THESE ARE AWESOME PEOPLE “”””KITTY TOO!!!!

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Having survived the Santa Barbara flood of 1995 and the ensuing landslides and mudslides, I feel for this couple. My heart goes out to them and I’m glad they found their baby!!!! We send love their way!!!


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