Asheboro man charged with striking dog twice in head with hammer

An Asheboro, North Carolina man has been charged with striking a dog twice in the head with a hammer. According to the press release posted on the Facebook page of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Robert A. Graves stated Clinton Lamont McQueen, 48, has been charged with animal cruelty.

On January 9, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, accompanied by the Randolph County Animal Control, arrived at McQueen’s residence about a dog allegedly struck and killed with a hammer just moments before the emergency call was made. After authorities arrived, they found a badly injured, suffering dog with a serious head injury. The dog was transferred to a local veterinary office for treatment where is was determined the dog’s injuries were too severe for him to survive, and humane euthanasia was performed. A subsequent necropsy determined the dog died from injuries relating to the incident. No motive for the alleged cruelty has been announced.

McQueen was arrested by the Patrol Division “C-Team” for felony animal cruelty and booked into the Randolph County Jail under a $20,000.00 secured bond. During the scene processing and subsequent investigation two hammers were seized.
McQueen has a previous history of non-related violent charges. He is scheduled to appear in court on January 26.
Rest in peace poor dog. You didn’t deserve this.
(Photo of Asheboro man charged with animal cruelty from  Randolph County Sheriff’s Office)

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17 replies
  1. Kathy says:

    Let’s put this POS out of our misery! Strike him in the head with a hammer until he is no longer breathing! People like that don’t deserve to be alive! He already has a history of violence against him! Rest in peace sweet boy!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Police should have taken a hammer to his head and asked him if this is how hard he hit this dog or was it harder, and then do it again. How can anyone allow this scum to live even in jail? Do away with him and say the taxpayers money.I just hope that he at least goes to jail and the inmates deal with him and something to hit his head.

  3. Nadya Anne Wall-Rossi says:

    I might have known. His defense attorney will plead poverty, racism, hard childhood, diminished capacity, etc. etc. He’ll get a light slap on the wrist, if that.

  4. Theresa says:

    I would like to take a hammer to his fucking head and bash his brains out I hope you die soon you fucking coward piece of shit

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    It would be a great justice for this poor dog if the judge in this case make an example of Clinton Lamont McQueen and sentence this miserable bastard to prison for at the minimum of 10 years – he murdered an innocent animal and needs to pay for his cruelty. It is way past time for those who feel animal abuse is such a low priority that they get a fine and go on their way to continue to mistreat, abuse and neglect those who have no voice. WAKE UP NORTH CAROLINA – step up and show that you will start taking animal abuse for the felony crime it is.

  6. O Olon says:

    This poor dog deserves justice for his horrific and painful beating by this monster. That means a severe punishment that is enforced(and that doesn’t mean a slap on the wrist). Ban him from ever having or being around animals, fine him a huge amount, jail him for 1-2 years and let him think about what he did, and we demand he get psychiatric help as he is a real sicko.


  7. Red says:

    Someone needs to introduce this ugly a** monster to a hammer…..let him see how it feels. PLEASE put his horrible name on a National Registry where he can never own, adopt, purchase or live in the same home as a pet.


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