Advocates rescue poodles evil man posted videos online of their abuse

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Animal advocates rescued three poodle earlier this week from an evil man from east China who had posted videos online actually abusing the dogs. Qui Hengqing set up live-streams of the abuse and charged viewers to gain access to his private account where he would post the terrible videos.


According to the Daily Mail, Hengqing, 30, would show egregious acts of cruelty towards his three poodles including using tasers on them, locking them in a freezer and force-feeding them wasabi and alcohol. One of the videos showed a toy poodle struggle and whimper as Hengqing seemed to be strangling the pup.

Animal advocates in the Shadong province organized a rescue group and successfully rescued the dogs. On Monday, the group were able to track Hengqing down through social media and stormed his home. A bright red banner was placed across the front of his home which read “Dog-abusing devil Qiu Hengqing, blood for blood.”

Allegedly one of the dogs had previously bitten Hengqing prompting him to “get even” with the dogs. The evil man has since apologized and told the angry public he would cut off his hand if he was ever caught abusing dogs again. The poodles will be adopted out to new homes.

The problem with China is the lack of animal cruelty prevention and punishment lacks any worthwhile legislation. When will that change?

(Photos screenshots via Pear Video and Asia Wire)


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6 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    China will never change, respect has not been taught for animals from little on. Find an island in the middle of nowhere and ship all the perpetrators there to fend for themselves.

  2. Dalma Buggq says:

    There are no words that would touch this evil monster, and likely no authority in his country that would penalise him either. It is another case of Chinese animal cruelty, the accepted norms of the country.

  3. slv says:

    SOB!!! Cute of his hand if he is ever caught abusing dogs again?? How about just cutting it off now, you know he’s going to do it again.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Apologized because he got caught, nothing more. Like what they put on his door. That stuff should be done here to animal abusers.


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