UPS driver ran over family's dog

Family mourns loss of dog who was killed by UPS driver

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A family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is mourning the loss of their young dog, Tank, who they say was killed by a UPS driver. As reported by WRAL News, the not quite one-year-old dog was in his own yard when he was allegedly run over by a UPS driver who was delivering a package.

Missed instructions?

According to Tank’s owner, Allison Jacobson, specific instructions had been left for UPS – she told the news agency, “The packages are to be left at the end of the driveway or on the brick wall, where the dogs cannot access them and to keep our property safe and the dog safe.”

But the driver did come into the driveway – Jacobson stated:

“I ran over to Tank to be with Tank. He ran over and killed my dog in my driveway and Tank died in my arms.”

UPS in looking into the incident and has said that they are sorry for what happened. The local authorities have been informed and they are investigating.

(Screenshot of Tank via WRAL News)

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I feel for this family losing their dog like this, but if you want your dog to be safe you keep them out of the driveway all together. I have an electronic fence and have it configured so the dogs can’t get into the driveway. The last thing I wanted was someone running over one of them by accident. I’m sure the UPS driver didn’t do this deliberately and you can leave all the instructions you want, all it takes is for a new driver to be delivering and they never got the message. Responsibility for our pets safety falls on OUR shoulders.

    • Carl says:

      I’m in agreement with Barkley’s Mom.. Orange County has a law with dogs. They should be fenced or on a leash.. What if someone else drove down the drive other then UPS such as a friend. The same thing could have happened. It is sad the dog lost it’s life, but it’s the responsibility of the owner to secure their pets.

      • jeanette says:

        Carl, the owner put out instructions before the package was delivered. stupid people don’t take time anymore to read or follow what is written or said. the driver was at fault.

  2. Adrienne says:

    All delivery services like USPS, FedEx and UPS want you to provide special delivery instructions if needed. Tank’s owner did that, but this driver didn’t bother to look at the delivery with the special delivery instructions for this home. Teach these drivers to read not assume how a customer wants their items delivered. That is why these delivery services ask that question.

  3. Pennysdachshunds says:

    Same thing happened to Us and 10 year old Chow named Cowboy that we had adopted as the young individual who had him moved to Florida and could not take him… Such a good dog he was and never left him yard… We had road our motorcycle to town that day and came home and Cowboy was laying at the front of his dog house with his head up but didn’t get up to great us.. Upon inspection we found a pkg at our door and where the UPS truck to place the pkg then made a backup and circle like turn running over this poor fellow’s back breaking it and didn’t even look … I called the supervisor at the facility and a Very heated discussion took place as I was told the driver called in and said he saw a dog having a seizure… WTF I had pictures in the moist soft sand as to what happened.. I said your driver could have backed over a small Child for Christ Sakes.. by not looking and then lying about the facts… this is NOT exceptionable as this could have been a toddler. The driver was terminated, but this did not bring back our loving dog who had to be but down because his spine was snapped in two… These drivers are Attempting to push the limits to make as many deliveries as they can.. and they get sloppy with safety….

  4. Sue says:

    Is that Tank in the photo? He looks just like my first dog, Sam. Anyway, it is very sad that UPS didn’t follow instructions, but since people are so untrustworthy, best to make sure they are not able to pull into your driveway in the first place.


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