UPDATE: Hero saves Liverpool dog who was kicked n the face

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His name is “Sconehead,” and this adorable little Jack Russell terrier mix brought tears to the eyes of online readers Wednesday afternoon after  viral video footage had been posted showing the dog being kicked in the face and terrorized by his owner.

Just moments ago, Michael Lamb, 42, of Liverpool was hailed a “hero” after news that he rushed to Sconehead’s rescue yesterday after the vicious attack w outside of his supermarket in Toxteth. According to the Liverpool Echo, Lamb has spoken out and revealed he has already been instrumental in finding a home for the battered pup now named Sconehead.

The dog’s owner was videoed kicking his dog in the face. The disturbing footage, videoed by a Good Samaritan and later posted on social media, showed the dog owner slamming his foot into the face of the brown and white pup along the street of Park Road late in the afternoon. The witness had been walking down the street when he saw the man drag the dog off the bus and kick it from side to side. The dog was terrified and was trying to wiggle out of its leash, but the man kept yanking the defenseless pooch.

And soon the dog’s hero felt it was time to defend the abused pooch and came to his rescue. Lamb, who owns  Maggie’s Farm Organics, has since been keeping the dog safe.

“My main care was for that dog. I’m a father and I’ve got a little daughter. I was getting messages after the attack saying, ‘Do you know about this fella?’ and I did. I thought ‘I’m not having this. I shut the shop and walked up there, knocked two or three times, and I could hear the dog barking. My first impression was ‘I am taking that dog away from you’,” stated Lamb.

All of this had been happening in public, and it was then Michael convinced the owner to surrender the dog after noticing blood on Sconehead’s face. And less than one day, Sconehead has changed from a terrified little pooch into a “chill lad” who doesn’t want to leave Michael’s side.   Although Michael can’t keep the little guy, even though the RSPCA said he can keep  Sconehead, a neighbor – just a few doors up from the shop has already fallen in love.

“I know the girl who is going to have him. I wouldn’t just give him to anyone. I have had many people asking and saying ‘I will have him, I will have him’ but this way I can see him every day,” Michael told the news media.

Kerry Thomas will be Sconehead’s new mom telling the Echo it “was love at first sight.” She will be changing his name and is thinking about calling his Mick after his rescuer.

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There has been no information if the previous owner will be charged with animal cruelty, however police have confirmed an investigation continues.

Read the previous account here.

(Photos contributed and screenshot via the Echo)

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12 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    You are a good man Michael Lamb, you most certainly saved this pup from an abusive POS owner!. I’m go glad to read this update on the situation.

  2. pamela bolton says:

    Someone needs to kick him in the face like he was doing the dog. Oh but first you have to slap him up side the head to get his attention first THEN kick him in the face. What’s good for the goose………..

  3. Jill says:

    Thank you soooo much for speaking up and going after the owner!!! I sure hope he is prosecuted!!! What an abusive bastard……….maybe he will fall outside and we can all walk on by!!!!!!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    A BIG THANK U TO MICHAEL LAMB FOR COMING TO THE RESCUE OF THIS ADORABLE LITTLE DOG!!! It is a huge relief to know this fur baby is now safe and will now know what love is! Again….THANK U MICHAEL LAMB,YOU ARE A HERO!!! So greateful for the update!

  5. Flamingfeather(Beth) C. says:

    Oh thank goodness gratitude to the witness that filmed Sconehead being abused and posting it on social media right away, and the network they’re on social media, Mr. Lamb getting him out of there right away and finding him a loving and caring home with Ms.Thomas.????????


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