Tiny Yorkie almost died after eating hot dogs stuffed with nails

In Lake Delton, Wisconsin, a three-year-old Yorkshire terrier nearly died after eating hot dog pieces stuffed with nails outside of the family’s apartment complex. According to WkowNews, the hot dogs were scattered going up a stairwell and while out for her walk, the pooch named Clarice snatched them up and ate some.

Clarice’s owner, Tom Deakin, thought it was rather strange to see the pieces of meat strewn around the area, and said in the back of his mind he thought someone may have been trying to poison the dogs. It didn’t take long before Deakin had to rush his dog to an emergency veterinarian. There, Dr. Sam Steinich found six nails in her stomach and colon.

Clarice had emergency surgery to save her life which lasted more than two hours. She is now recovering and will remain on a soft food diet until she heals. The apartment complex has issued a warning to all pet owners about the disturbing incident. Lake Delton police have not commented about the situation, although they do have a person of interest who is scheduled to be interviewed.

(Photos of Yorkie found eating hot dogs stuffed with nails via screenshot WkowNews)

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