Public school employee said to have done ‘happy dance’ after running over goose on purpose

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In Norwood, Massachusetts, an employee of the Sharon Public Schools faces animal cruelty charges after a witness reported the man doing a “happy dance” after intentionally using his car to chase, kill and beat a goose in Norwood.  Rory Marty has been charged with a motor vehicle offense, animal cruelty and drug possession; authorities found Viagra, however he had no prescription for the drug.

According to Fox News, the unnamed witness told authorities she saw a man and a woman in a silver vehicle driving directly towards two geese that had been drinking water from a puddle near Short Street. At first the woman thought the driver was just being a jerk, but then noticed the man turned his vehicle around and took aim at the geese again.

“…the vehicle stopped and paused and appeared to ‘line up’ the geese in order to hit them with the vehicle,” the report stated. “The vehicle flashed its lights and then drove directly at the geese.”

One of the geese had been hit by the car, and then the woman passenger got out of the car, picked up a stick and hit the goose; the man quickly followed. Once the goose was killed, the witness stated the couple did a “happy dance.”

“Maybe if he kills like this, he can kill anybody else,” the witness told Fox News.

The witness reported the vehicle’s license plate number to police and videoed the disturbing situation. Police tracked down the man, and said he was wearing the same shirt as the one in the video. Marty appeared in court on Thursday and has been released on personal recognizance; he is due back in court in June.

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Released on his own recognizance? This bastard should be sitting in jail awaiting trail on a bond of at least $50,000. And this idiot works for Sharon Public School – they should step up and fire him immediately – this is no one who any child should look up to – he is cruel abusive and a danger to ALL animals and children – his female buddy who thinks beating an innocent defenseless animal is acceptable should be facing the same charges – they deserve to be dumped in the nearest landfill and left w/the rest of the trash –

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a couple of disgusting monsters! So why wasn’t the woman charged for beating the goose? They will get a way with a slap on the wrist but I hope at least the School district will see fit to fire him, who needs this king of influence anywhere near children!

  3. rieann says:

    he better not be working for the Sharon Public Schools anymore or any place he is by children hell he and the crazy piece of shit woman should both be held in jail why take a chance they will hurt another animal or human

  4. Steve says:

    Without seeing the video, how can you judge? What if the eye witness is a liar? Would it be OK for you to be fired from your job just because someone said you did something. You are assumed innocent until you are proven guilty.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I can judge because someone took down a license plate number and video’d the incident, turned it into the police which arrested the POS. Last I knew the police would need some sort of evidence before they would take such an action or they would be sued for false arrest. Hopefully this POS has been at least suspended until he is “proven guilty” then they should fire his ass!

      • Steve says:

        Innocent people are arrested very often. The purpose of our system of courts is to establish guilt and prevent harm to the innocent. This person may very well be sadistic and merit some form of punishment. I worry that many of the rash judgements and suggestions of violence on this site are not representative of a healthy society.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Steve, Our society is far from “healthy” if it were these atrocities to animals wouldn’t be happening. Excuse me if I become incensed because people think innocent animals are abused daily and most receive very little punishment. People that comment on here know what they suggest will never be a reality and it is just wishful thinking for an eye for eye punishment. I don’t for one minute believe that this pair are in anyway innocent, Someone videoed it and was responsible enough to report it. I’m sure they will hire some shyster lawyer who will spin this in a way that your “innocent” goose killers will walk away unscathed!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      When the Psychopath ( there was a video showing what happened, do you think someone made this Up?)goes out and hangs a small child , sets an old lady on fire, shoots someone’s horses, burns a family up in their home some night, all the while “DOING THE HAPPY DANCE “what are you going to say” ….

  5. Angela Corso says:

    I hope he was terminated. If the school allows for such violence in an employee, I would question school officials’ judgement on keeping students safe.

  6. maxiemom. says:

    What about the woman? Why wasn’t that bitch charged? Why the devil did they let him out on his own recognizance? He should STILL be behind bars! Someone this vile, evil, and vicious has no business working around children! The school board needs to fire him IMMEDIATELY!

    • Mikw says:

      womans name is francine corvese. immediately defriended herself from rory marty, people should bomb her facebook to expose what kind of person she really is

  7. Red says:

    He is on video, wearing the same shirt, and arrested and released? W H Y??? Because it was “just a wild bird’? When s animal cruelty of ANY KIND going to be taken seriously? Anyone who can intentionally torture, abuse, kill and animal is a MONSTER…..and they to do a “happy dance” both of these worthless excuses for humans should be locked up and forgotten about.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    There will be no punishment in this case,of that u can be sure,he MIGHT get time for the other charges but not for going out of his way to kill this poor goose! And he works for the school system? Smh

  9. pennysdachshund says:

    CAN”T SAY MUCH in the way of RESPECT for the JUDGE HE/She doesn’t have any more respect for animal life than the PERVERTED PRICK and the ‘Can’t Understand Normal Thinking Bitch!!!( Underline the capital letters on the can’t understand normal thinking). These two NEED to be fined thousands, and their faces plastered on the area newspapers, and they both NEED to be terminated form their place of employment…. they are both Psychopaths!!! and school children don’t need their influence !!!!


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