Street dogs face dismal fate

Please save my family – street dogs face dismal fate at busy animal control

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A family of former “street dogs” is behind bars at a busy animal control agency in Corpus Christi, Texas. On Thursday, the Nueces County, TX: Dogs in need of rescue Facebook page wrote a few words on behalf of the at-risk family who is urgently in need of help.

The post is from the perspective of the worried, and tired, mother:


And a few details were added about what brought this family to the animal control agency:

DARLA and her babies (3 boys and 1 girl) are from the streets of Corpus Christi. Darla is a lab/shepherd mix but a small girl of around 30 pounds and about 4 years old. She has probably had her fair share of babies and who knows their fate.

With a final plea for their lives to be spared:

Mange and struggling on the streets were a dead end and now that end is in sight. Can you give them a happy ending?

Information to save their lives:

DARLA & PUPS (Donut, Cupcake, Teddy & Cookie)
Pups: A287231, A287230, A287227, A287229

Location: Corpus Christi Animal Care Services
Contact volunteer at 410-608-2195 if you need help.

Facebook thread here.

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32 replies
  1. Nadezda Yaroshinskaya says:

    Society where we have stray dogs ,other abandoned pets is I’ll with some incurable disease. Soon the most horrible processes are to start. Irreversible degradation of its people. Dogs should not suffer because of humanity.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    These dogs are INNOCENT VICTIMS – NOT CRIMINALS – they need help. Being in Texas they have little chance of being saved since this state has the reputation of little concern for animal welfare. PLEASE – SOME RESCUE GROUP STEP UP AND HELP THESE INNOCENT DOGS!

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    This country needs to come together and start looking for a solution to the over population of dogs!! Killing them by the millions is not the solution,hell it’s not even a temporary fix!! The whole thing crushes my heart and soul!!!

  4. I says:

    I am allowed one pet where I live and will take one if someone can help me pay for travel. I live in Washington state. If not, I’ll donate money to the rescue that saves them!

  5. John says:

    This is why I Hate Kill Shelters. All they like to do is KILL Dogs and Cats. Karma will get them Sooner or Later.

  6. Sandy says:

    EXTREMELY URGENT!!’. Here we go again, good people of Corpus Christi, do you see the horrible conditions that this little family is living in??? Deplorable!!! Disgusting!!! These are innocent babies who haven’t committed any crime. Prisoners get better care!!! Is there an animal lover there that will step up to the plate and save this sweet family? Is there anyone with enough compassion to say enough is enough???? Seriously people, if this shelter is the hell hole you’re talking about, then do something! If they need help, then help. If they’re just uncaring, then close them down and save the poor animals inside; theyre not criminals !!!!

    • Dee McPhaill says:

      You need to get them out of there ASAP. Can you place them in your home or on the home of a trusting family? We all know that many pups get parvo at shelters. I am in NC but I will fwd.
      I had the same problem before and I contacted a local journalist who took pictures and wrote and article on them. That was great and we call calls from that. Do you do home visits? If you are lucky, you can get them on the local channel. People love animal stories…

  7. PetMom says:

    Facebook says tagged by rescue but there is no confirmation, no mention of rescue organization, no freedom photos. Can anyone provide an update??

  8. Anca says:

    Please, can anyone let us know what happened to this sweet family. I will also like to donate to help save them. God bless them


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