Man arrested for stabbing small dog and throwing body down garbage chute

Man stabbed dog and threw body down garbage chute
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A man in Manhattan, New York has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty – according to the New York Daily News, 24-year-old Zheheng Feng was arrested on Friday for allegedly stabbing his small dog and throwing the dog’s body down an apartment’s garbage chute.

Feng told the police that he was merely defending himself from the 16-pound dog, who he said was acting “irrational.” Feng claims that he stabbed the dog in the chest in self-defense after the dog scratched him – he is quoted in the New York Post with his explanation of what happened:

The dog then started scratching me on my arms so I stabbed it in the chest. Then I threw the dog in a garbage bag with the knife and threw it down the garbage chute.”

The authorities observed “two very small” scratches on Feng’s arms. The cruel incident resulted in the man, who works in finance and lives in a high-rent Midtown penthouse, facing an aggravated animal cruelty charge. He is due back in court on June 7.

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  2. You fucking liar that small dog didn’t hurt you you’re on drugs or something I hope somebody fucking kills you you fucking piece of shit

  3. Oh please……what a lame excuse. I would like to stab him in the chest and then throw him down the garbage chute where he belongs with the rest of the garbage. He needs to protect himself from a 16lb dog????? Give me a break……put his pathetic ass in jail and throw away the key.

  4. Ok this has my blood boiling, a 16.5lb dog scratched the POS so he stabs the dog and throws it down the garbage shoot! He was defending himself from a 16.5lb dog? I’ll tell you who needs to be stabbed and thrown down the garbage shoot is Zheheng Feng. Sure the poor dog was “irrational” he lived with this monster!

  5. He is a fucking lying animal killer!! I hope this is a felony and not a misdemeanor!! I hope he gets evicted and I hope he gets fired from his job!!! He must think he is in China,I’m surprised he didn’t eat the dog!! Now I’m wondering who this dog belongs to! He goes to court Wednesday so I hope and pray that we get an update!!!

  6. RIP little angel …… the POS who hurt you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……

    I would like to have this POS get there ASAP……. This useless POS deserves the death penalty…… really is a waste of resources to keep him alive……

    Keep this creep locked up forever.

  7. A useless hunk of sewer slime named Zeng should get exactly what he gave to a small defenseless dog – stabbed repeatedly and dumped in a garbage chute – probably the same one he was born in.

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