Dog stuck in a tree trunk

Dog crawled through a groundhog hole and got stuck in tree trunk

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A curious dog found himself stuck in a pickle, or rather a large tree trunk, after he crawled through a groundhog hole. According to multiple sources, the black and tan Dachshund, named “Rocco,” was discovered on Thursday afternoon when he barked for help and caught the attention of two off-duty police officers who were mowing grass at a cemetery in Salem, Kentucky.

Sgt. Michael Williams and Trooper Gerick Sullivan investigated the source of the barking and discovered little Rocco with his head firmly wedged inside of the tree trunk. Williams and Sullivan needed to call for additional help to get the wedged-in pup out of his strange predicament.

With the help of the Salem Fire Department and a chainsaw, Rocco was freed and then returned to his owner.

(Images via Kentucky State Police)

Source: CBS News

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  1. says:

    Why Does THIS NOT SURPRISE ME !!!! ONLY A Dachshund… GOD LOVE THEM!!! I have owned them for 50 years now!!! Never a Dull Moment!!!


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