Pea Ridge woman arrested for stomping 5-week-old puppy to death

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A Pea Ridge, Arkansas woman was arrested on Tuesday after authorities allege she stomped a five-week-old puppy to death during a domestic argument with the owner of the dog. Tonia Ingle, 37, faces aggravated animal cruelty charges after a Washington County man told police she had killed his puppy on Monday.

According to ArkansasOnline, Ingle arrived at the man’s residence on Henson Farm Lane and appeared to be under the influence of “something” reported the pup’s owner. Shortly after she arrived, Ingle passed out for ten minutes, at which time the man called 911 for emergency help. When she awakened, the woman began to yell and kick things in the home and was told to leave, however she initially refused. As he pushed the woman closer to the door, she reportedly,

 “raised her foot higher than a normal step and then stomped on the puppy while looking down at it.”

The puppy gasped for air; a few moments later it died while the man held him in his arms. When police arrived, the owner was still holding the lifeless body of his dog.

On Tuesday, Ingle met with police where she initially denied hurting the dog, however after questioning, she admitted she may have accidentally hurt it. She remains at the Washington County Detention center in lieu of $3,500 bond. A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

(Photo of Pea Ridge woman arrested for stomping puppy to death via Washington County Jail)

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17 replies
  1. Betty says:

    Keep the bitch in jail before someone step on he head accidentally.She can do this to a puppy imagine a child DIRTBAG

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! So sickening! I have no words for this psychopathic cruelty! This soulless POS can burn in hell for all eternity!

  3. Marsha Flynn Squibb says:

    This sewer scum drunk POS needs the book thrown at her….
    I hope someone beats the shit out of her!!!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I agree with all these comments and jail should be her new home and inmates with give her the “justice” she deserves.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Sounds like she was high on something, hopefully they gave her a blood test and will get jail time on top of it! RIP beautiful puppy!

  6. Bunny Peters says:

    What a useless, disgusting POS…….
    Hope she is locked up forever with animal lovers who can give her “special attention”…….
    Hope the rest of her useless life is filled with pain and suffering. Execution would improve our planet since this POS is a waste of resources……
    RIP angel. The monster who did this to you will burn in Hell forever for her cruelty…… would love to see her get to Hell ASAP…….

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a worthless piece of humanity, to stomp on an innocent puppy and kill it! She needs to be removed from society! May she rot in Hell!

  8. Sherry says:

    Unfortunately, the punishment doled out for this kind of cruelty is not nearly enough,! A minority of us, like in this group and other animal rights activists, I believe are way ahead of the times in wishing life sentences could be given for this . I do have faith that she will get what’s coming to her in the afterlife. This no good piece of shit has a seat reserved in hell.

  9. Red says:

    Put this useless waste of skin in a cell, lock it and walk away. To take your anger out on an innocent animal is sick…this thing can not be classified as a human….she is a monster in every sense of the word. Lock her up and toss the key……………better yet, lock her in a cell with an animal lover…… let nature take its course.


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