Man stops to rescue wild bunny from Ventura fire caught on camera

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In Ventura County, California, a Good Samaritan saved a wild bunny from the quick spreading wildfires; the rescue was caught on camera.

A man, dressed only in shorts and a hoodie, is seen running over to chase down a wild rabbit on the side of Highway 1, but the man isn’t quick enough, and the frightened bunny runs into the thick brush. The man can be seen clutching his head and jumping up and down, trying to figure out how to save the defenseless little bunny. The animal lover, however had no intentions of giving up, and he moves closer and is finally able to scoop up his floppy eared friend – cuddling the furry little one in his arms and carrying it to safety.

The entire rescue, as the unidentified man risked his own life to save the rabbit, was caught on video by a news reporter. He declined to be interviewed.

It was a Twitter user who said the video restored her  “faith in humanity.”

“We don’t know who this man is, but it doesn’t matter,” stated another Twitter user. “Whoever he is, he has been added to the ranks of heroes who have risen from tragedy with their small acts of compassion.”

So far the fire has destroyed more than 90,000 acres with more than 50,000 homes having been evacuated.  The fires have been burning since Monday night and continues to be fueled by prevailing winds.

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Check out the video: (You tube video and freezeshot from video for wild bunny rescue)

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  1. A Kind and Gentle Soul. in what has become a society of self-centered and “What about Me!” World .. May the Higher Power watch over this man and keep him Safe!!

  2. Saw this on the TV news – I applaud this kind caring man who determination saved the most innocent of all – an animal. His brave actions saved a life and he is a HERO! Thank you sir for your compassion – your actions saved a life. Never stop.


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