Family files lawsuit after officials take their pet raccoon away

Raccoon seized from family
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A Seattle area family is devastated after their pet raccoon, raised since she was just a cub, was seized by wildlife officials. According to King 5 News, Mae was raised by Kellie and Chris Greer, who found her seven years ago at a park near the body of her deceased mother.

At the time, the Greers attempted to take little Mae to a wildlife rehabilitation center, but they were not successful in finding one which was willing to take her in. They did, however, get approval from Wolftown, on Vashon Island, to become a “subpermittee,”which allowed them to keep the wild animal, as long as certain rules were followed.

For years, Mae lived with her family as a beloved pet – enjoying playtime in the bathtub, swims on a leash, and camping outings (always harnessed and leashed as was required). But everything changed after a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife warden observed the Greers, with Mae, on a camping trip. The warden took their information and shortly thereafter, Mae was seized from their home by a state official.

The family didn’t know that they had done anything wrong – but according to the state agency, Wolftown was no longer in business, so the subpermittee designation was no longer valid. The Greers didn’t have the proper wildlife permit to keep a raccoon, so Mae was taken away and is now living at a rehab facility where she is being used for “educational purposes.”

Exactly why the Greers were not offered the option to obtain a valid permit to keep Mae is not clear – the family wants their pet to come back home and a lawyer is now helping them. Find a fundraiser to help pay for the legal fees at this link.

Find the Bring Mae Home Facebook group here.

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  1. What a crock! Here in Minnesota, the DNR would have undoubtedly seized and destroyed this precious little soul…
    What the HELL is wrong with a case-by-case analysis and the application of even a MODICUM of compassion???
    Best of luck with your quest to restore her to the care and protection of your loving family!

  2. They need to apply for a permit and since they already had one they should be grandfathered in. I hope you’re back home soon Mae.

  3. So RIDICULOUS!!!! Why don’t these officials spend more time and resources on animals who are at risk,suffering or injured instead on inflicting trauma on this raccoon and this family who are NOT harming or endangering NO ONE!!! I find this whole thing unnecessary and cruel not to mention PETTY!!!!!! SMH

  4. Nothing but Assholes
    Leave Mac with the only family she know
    There more importance things to look into other then breaking up the family and taken their pet away
    You know she wouldn’t make it in the wild

  5. Another example of the idiocy of Fish and Wildlife’s actions when none were needed. They took Mae away from the only family she has ever known for no reason whatsoever. ‘Educational purposes’ my ass, I don’t believe one word of that statement – I am sure Mae is terrified and may react aggressively which will be the piss poor excuse by Washington’s Fish and Wildlife to kill her – do not trust them in anyway at all. I pray the Greer family is successful in getting Mae back with them which is exactly where she belongs. Pitiful government agency with the brains of a rock.


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