Loyal dog holds heartbreaking vigil after his friend was killed by a car

In a heartbreaking scene in Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina a loyal dog mourned the death and held an emotional vigil, after his friend had been killed by a car. It happened after pedestrians spotted the black dog chasing a car.

The dog seemed notably upset and in a panic; no one could figure out what was wrong. Did his owner abandon him? Then the car stopped, and a man dropped a black plastic garbage bag on the sidewalk. The black dog ran towards the bag and began to chew away at it trying desperately to get to whatever was inside of it. 

Chicho Barbaroja  had been walking along the sidewalk and saw the dog chasing the car and then running towards the bag. He leaned forward to help the distressed dog open the bag; inside was the dead body of a light tan dog. The black dog carefully nudged the dog and cried as he realized his friend was dead. It is believed the tan dog had most likely been struck by a car, but instead of acknowledging his friend had died and then leaving, the black dog quietly pressed his head gently on top of his lifeless friend and held a quiet, heartbreaking vigil.

And there he stayed. Although onlookers tried to lure the dog away from his dead companion with food and water, the black dog just refused to move. If tears could have dropped from his eyes, surely that would have happened – the dog’s sadness was so overwhelming. Soon the area residents gave him the nickname of Negrito for “Little Black.”

Hours later, Negrito finally did move to eat, and while his attention was focused on food, the people watching him quickly picked up the body of his friend and buried her. When the dog returned, he searched for his friend and was saddened to see she was no longer there.




“When he realized that his companion was no longer there, he went around in circles, going from corner to corner and even looking for her in the garbage bags of the block,” Barbaroja stated on Facebook. 

“If you know anything about the potential owners of these dogs or where they used to be always, let me know so we can take him to where he belongs or give it to someone who wants to adopt him. In addition to the garbage of the person who left her lying there on the street and her dead partner,” he said at the end of the post.

(No one noticed the license plate of the vehicle when the man dropped the dead female dog off on the sidewalk)

(Photos of dog holding vigil for his friend via Facebook of Chicho Barbaroja)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    No one will EVER tell me animals have no heart – they have more compassion and emotion than people any day of the week – this post is total proof of that.

  2. vicki hood says:

    Tears. Nancy said it all. The video clips say it all. You can always tell when a dog loves you when lots of people are phony with their emotions. The kind people that helped this grieving innocent truly cared.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Dogs are most loyal of all animals and definitely do grieve when they loose a friend. Other animals grieve for the loss of one of their own too, but the fact that we have dogs in our homes makes something like this hit us so hard. Loyalty to the end but do hope that this dog gets rescued and becomes part of a family and enjoys their love until it is time to meet his friend again.

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I hope somebody rescues this baby so he doesn’t get hit by a car. I guess people don’t take the dog to a vet when they hit them? Or at least try to save it’s life?

  5. B Soto says:

    Fishy, dead dog is already in the car, in a garbage bag?……Sounds more like one dog died and the owner just dumped them both. Sad, the black dog looks totally panicked.


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