Heartless hunters check this out: Pregnant deer shot through head with crossbow

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UPDATE: The deer was captured, sedated and the arrow had made hole in her neck and a gash through her palate; wildlife experts stated she seemed “reasonably unshaken.” The wound was cleaned and antibiotics administered. It is hoped the wound does not become infected. Residents in the area are asked to keep an eye on her. And a message to the heartless hunter who did this to a defenseless pregnant deer:

“We’d like you to turn yourself in, own up to your mistake and face the consequences.”

Vancouver Island resident, Heather Bertrand had been accustomed to seeing a pregnant deer quietly roaming about her yard in the Maple Bay area. We all know how deer are just curious and gentle, and most people just like to observe the wild creatures silently nibbling on tasty morsels wherever they might be found. And all was well with the pregnant doe; that is until Heather came home on Tuesday evening and saw the deer with an arrow through her head.

According to Cbc.caNews, Heather immediately called conservation officers to help, but the animal had been scared and ran away before she could be helped. The story, however was not over. On Wednesday morning, Heather was shocked:

“This morning when I got up … she jumped up and she had her fawn with her. She had had a fawn during the night,” said Bertrand.

Conservation officers said she had been shot through the neck and face with a crossbow.

“We’re quite frustrated with the fact that someone would do this,” stated Officer Scott Norris, adding hunting is illegal in the area. “It’s not a very humane way to hunt an animal.”

At this time, the deer doesn’t seem to be suffering, however how can she not feel intense pain? The wildlife staff are hoping to sedate the mother deer and remove the arrow – hoping to rejoin her with her baby. At this time, the baby is too young to survive alone. According to wildlife officials, if the baby is hungry or scared without her mom, it is more than likely she will vocalize – at which time it is hoped rescuers can come to its aid.

It is not known who did this heinous deed. The penalty for illegal hunting under the wildlife act is a minimum fine of $345; the fine could be higher if the act is prosecuted.

Let’s hope the mother deer can be helped.

(Photo of pregnant deer screenshot via Heather Bertrand)

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9 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    O PLEASE make a concerted effort to find and help this poor deer. Anyone who would do something like this needs an arrow through their head/neck. I hope this poor animal is found and helped – both the mother and the fawn are in serious danger.

  2. pamela bolton says:

    Hope you find this idiot and take his toy away. Then put his butt in jail for a year and let him think about all the pain he caused her and her baby. How is she suppose to eat and take care of the fawn?

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m glad they found the deer and I hope she makes a full recovery. I also hope they find the heartless “hunter” that did this!


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