A giraffe died at a zoo

Giraffe at zoo dies after tragic incident with his father

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A giraffe who lived at the Lehigh Valley Zoo died after a tragic encounter with his father. According to the Philly Voice, the six-year-old giraffe named “Ernie,” suffered a broken neck after leaning into a stall and “suffering a blow” from an older giraffe which is reported to be Ernie’s father.

Ernie’s head had been between the rails of a catwalk when he was hit – the blow fractured his vertebrae and left him unable to get free. By the time that his tragic situation was discovered, he was beyond saving.

The tragedy happened on the morning of May 28 – the report about what happened was just released on Friday. In the wake of Ernie’s tragic demise, zoo officials are warning other zoos about the potential danger of catwalks that are set-up in a similar fashion.

(Image via Pixabay free images)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another good reason NO animal should be incarcerated in a zoo which is nothing more than a prison for animals – only criminals belong behind bars, not innocent animals.


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