Good Samaritans call the police after finding emaciated senior dog

Good Samaritans find emaciated senior dog
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An emaciated dog was seized by the authorities in Liberty Borough, Pennsylvania, after being found by good Samaritans on Saturday night. According to CBS Pittsburgh, the skeletal Labrador retriever, who is reported to be 17 years of age, wandered into the yard of a family who was enjoying a fire on Saturday evening.

The dog, named “Bo,” sparked outrage in the Lewis family. Neighbor John Lewis told CBS:

This thing was emaciated like I’ve never seen it before, we felt so bad for him. My son was hand-feeding the guy in rage. The claws on his paws were never cut. It just looked a wild animal, but emaciated like you would not believe.”

Animal control seized Bo and he is receiving veterinary care, but it is unknown if he will survive.  Lt. Raymond Johnson with Liberty Borough Police described Bo’s dismal condition, “The dog is full of fleas, and has Lyme Disease. On a scale of 1 to 10, the dog is at a 1 with being starved to death.”

Bo’s owner, 56-year-old David Basa is facing multiple charges for the dog’s condition. Who Rescued Who Humane Society is collecting donations to help with Bo’s veterinary care.

Shelter address: 430 North State St., Clairton, Pennsylvania
Phone: (412) 226-1028
(Image via  Liberty Borough Police)

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  1. Bo’s piss poor example of an owner, David Basa, obviously treated this poor senior dog like trash and he should be treated exactly the same – there is NO EXCUSE for starving, neglecting and/or abusing any animal like he did. I hope the judge in this case has a backbone and makes an example of this human maggot.

  2. I hope Bo recovers, but am skeptical that he will because of his age. Bo’s owner needs to be charged for neglect and animal cruelty, pay the Vet cost, never be allowed to own another living pet and spend jail time, so that he can contemplate what a POS he really is. The condition of Bo did not happen over night. I’m sorry Bo that your owner failed you.

  3. Thank you for saving Bo. I hope he has the will and strength to survive. I hope his Owner goes straight to Prison and never gets fed. IDIOT!!!

  4. I wonder how “MAGGOT”S” can even Look at them selves in a MIRROR daily!! THEY deserve a harsh & PAINFUL DEMISE!!!!!

  5. Ok Pennsylvania throw the book at him!!!! Now that Pennsylvania has signed new and stronger animal cruelty law and now is the perfect opertunity to implement it!! This evil cruel abuser needs to sit his vile ass in prison for a good 5yrs and wouldn’t it be fitting to not feed him while incarcerated! OMG I HATE ANIMAL ABUSERS!


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