Feds halt use of cyanide traps that killed boy’s dog

cyanide bomb kills family dog
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It was just a month ago that a cyanide bomb, set out by someone with the Department of Agriculture, killed a Pocatello, Idaho, family’s dog. According to the Idaho State Journal, the deadly device has been long used  as “predator control,” but it instead killed a three-year-old Labrador retriever, and sickened a 14-year-old boy. On Monday, the USDA agency that places the traps, Wildlife Services, announced a moratorium on their use in Idaho.

The Washington Post reports Jason Suckow,  theWildlife Services’ Western regional director, stated the agency has “ceased all use of” and removed the devices from all private, state and federal land in Idaho. He added that Wildlife Services would provide organizations 30 days’ notice before resuming use of the devices in the state. The devices have been used to kill coyotes.

It was Theresa Mansfield’s child who encountered the deadly device;  the boy and his dog, Casey had not been far from home when a device that looked like a sprinkler head attracted the youngster’s attention.  As soon as he touched it, the device exploded, spewing powder that sickened him and poisoned his dog to death.

After the tragic incident, a petition was filed by Western Watersheds Organization, citing that Casey wasn’t the first dog killed by the device and that it had been placed on federal land within one-quarter mile of three homes. USDA records indicate more than 200 feral dogs, 22 pets and livestock have been killed by the bombs since 2008. And although the Department of Agriculture claims the bombs have killed more than 100,000 coyotes, they have also killed protected species such as Mexican gray wolves, grizzly bears and California condors.

And this isn’t the end of the use of these indiscriminate bombs. United States Representative Peter A. DeFazio (D-Ore) introduced a bill that would prohibit predator control methods that use sodium cyanide and Compound 1080 – the powders used in these traps now paid for by tax payers:

“It’s only a matter of time before they kill someone,” stated DeFazio.

Meanwhile the Mansfield family have launched their own petition demanding a federal ban – “Canyon’s Law.” So far the M-44 that killed Casey has left their son with headaches.

“The problem we have is that we have houses in every direction from where the device was placed,” stated Sheriff Detective Lt. Andy Thomas, who knows Casey was covered in the powder – in his eyes and on his arms and legs. The child could have died.

(Photo of cyanide trap via Bannock County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. It sounds like stopping the use of these devises is long overdue. It is lucky this boy wasn’t killed, and his dog WAS! 22 pets and livestock have been killed since 2008 along with protected species so why has this been allowed to continue this long! The government should be ashamed of themselves, this dangerous practice that not only kills but could contaminate the ground and water supply is irresponsible at best!

    • This goes to SHOW “OUR” government isn’t HONEST with US!!! Hopefully this young man won’t have issues from the residue all his life !!!! Maybe a Million Dollar settlement will help the issue… Trump will have to hold back on a couple trips to his Florida Castle in that case… Just Joking, more or less!!!

      • YESSSS!!
        I can’t believe that the government actually authorizes the use of such a barbaric device!! My GOD!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!????????

    • John,
      Im with you brother.
      Speak up for wolves and coyotes. They are just parents trying to feed their hungrey children .
      trying to survive after WE as humans decided to pitch a tent(urban development aka houses) on their front lawn.
      This country has forgotten the promis to protect this countrys wild life. The promis set forth by Every presidant up till 60 days ago.
      Steal traps outlawed in the past because of the brutality are being reintroduced buy states where they have been out lawed for decades.

      This presidant has taken these animals off the endangered list. it is open season on the innocent.
      It is now legal to kill hybrnating wolves and bears (And Cubs). Are we going to take it lying down?

  2. If its preditor controll then shouldnt they be setting the cyanide bombs at a local mall?
    (Im not proud of that statment, But its both true and ugly. I grovel at the feet in contrition to any terror attack victum and /or survivor)

  3. “Preditor control”, Breed spacific Legislation( annihilation), Ethnic Clensing. what is the differance?
    Really !? there is none. In all these atrocities, some one on no athority but greed, hate and self guitd decides the fate of others, and their children.
    What are we going to do about it? how are we explaing this to our children. in what way are your children being tought that this is morally and ethnicall wrong and must be stoped now.
    People in syria are being gassed in the streets.
    wildlife are also being Ethnically controlled, in their own streets. what is the differance Really!?
    Before you answer , THINK.
    There is no differance. Animals in the feild are not a nusence to be controlled and removed.
    this is there home also. We must develop the next generation of children to understand there is no differance. .
    if we cant end the war on the inocent today then we will retrain thinking in children now.
    Explain to your children and have them put their feelings in print.

  4. Why is always AFTER the fact???? It’s too late for that precious dog – and his boy that will have to live with that nightmare forever. Those kinds of traps should have NEVER been allowed in the first place.


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