Man who dragged Golden retriever alongside his car sentenced to jail

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The man who dragged a Golden retriever alongside of his car was sentenced to 14 days in jail; nearly one year less than prosecutors requested, reports the Palm Beach Post. Ross Garret Cheney, 29, will serve his sentence on weekends rather than spend 14 consecutive days in jail.

The disturbing animal cruelty situation occurred on August 8, 2016, when the dog who belonged to Cheney’s parents, ran out of the family home. Family members and friends went searching for the dog, and when Cheney found him, he leashed the dog around the neck and had the dog run alongside of the car while en route back home. According to Bill Bishop, chief assistant state attorney in Okaloosa County, the dog was not able to keep up, although Cheney never stopped while the dog was being dragged until a motorist finally flagged him down.

An officer who arrived at the scene rushed the dog to the nearby veterinarian hospital where he was treated for numerous injuries. The dog was returned to his owners.

Cheney was charged with aggravated animal cruelty as prosecutors recommended he be given the sentenced of 11 months and 29 days – with four years of probation. Instead, Circuit Judge John Brown sentenced Cheney to two weeks in jail, two years of probation and 100 days of community service. In addition, Cheney will not have a felony conviction on his record if he follows the sentencing guidelines.

Cheney has a previous record of being a “habitual offender” as his past arrests have included multiple charges of  driving with a revoked license.

(Photo of Cheney who dragged Golden retriever via Okaloosa County Jail)

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28 replies
  1. maxiemom. says:

    Pathetic! Until judges take this seriously, scum like Cheney won’t. Glad his victim is okay! Hopefully this bastard’s parents will keep the dog away from his human brother, and banish this scumbag away from their home. I know I would (but then, my son wouldn’t do such a thing).

  2. Debbie says:

    Judge John Brown doesn’t get it does he. What a shame. Shame for animals. This is why it continues. Weak laws, even weaker judges and prosecutors!

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    This JUDGE MUST BE LOOKING for A NEW “BUTT” “BUDDY”!!! Why not he is Nothing Short of an ASSHOLE who has not respect for the lives and welfare of God’s Creatures!!! This is ONE JUDGE WHO NEEDS TO BE VACATED FROM HIS POST!!!

    • Sheri says:

      I AGREE!!
      He will screw up again,,, did not learn a thing!! Next time his butt buddy judge should stand beside him as justice is given by a different judge!! They can buddy alongside each other in jail!! WORTHLESS POS!!????????????

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    Why are the tax paying, professional, working class, and family type of residents of the seriously troubled state of Florida… attempting to do something about the LOW Class, disinterested, non-vested, overbearing, judicial system they are as taxpayer’s providing for their STATE!!!

  5. Theresa says:

    Are you kidding the motherfucker gets hardly no time for what he did I like to put a rope around his fucking neck and drag his ass at 90

  6. Edward Nagle says:

    wow 14 days holy what a massive. sentence whoops sorry. every weekend. where did judge brown learn law at McDonald’s. or dq what a idiot should be removed. from bench. and flip burgers

  7. Francene Kilichowski says:

    Why don’t they just put him up at the Hilton with unlimited room service?
    This is an affront to all decent people, nevermind to animal lovers.
    Doesn’t the justice system see where this lowlife is headed?
    How’s it going to look when he ties his parents to the car to teach them a lesson?

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    What kind of a sentence is this for this POS! Two weeks in jail served on weekends, two years of probation and 100 days community service are a slap on the wrist for this moron! I hope his parents are having nothing more to do with this monster! This is hardly justice for what he did, but seemingly the kind of justice Florida seems to deem appropriate for animal abusers!!!!!!

  9. Red says:

    JUDGE JOHN BROWN YOU ARE A FREAKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be kicked so far off the bench you won’t remember having been there. This MONSTER is a repeat, habitual offender and you give him DAYS as a punishment? Let me guess…. YOU ARE AN ANIMAL HATER. That is the only excuse for you letting this sick excuse of a human go.
    He deserved minimum years in jail, 1000’s of dollars in fines and a life time ban on ever being in a home with a companion animal!!
    Judge Brown should be held accountable the next time this monster is arrested.

  10. Vivian Schwarz says:

    NO felony conviction, NO time in prison!!! What kind of world are we living in to allow such mistreatment of animals to go unpunished and that’s exactly what has happened. Two weeks in jail for this hateful, mean, uncaring person isn’t anything at all. That’s NO punishment. If the Judge thinks two weeks in jail and some probation is all this guy needs for what he’s done to that innocent dog, then maybe the Judge needs a different job. This is horrible!!!! I can’t begin to imagine what that dog was thinking and feeling while he was begin dragged down the road. No animal should have to suffer at the hands of someone as evil and twisted as this guy.

  11. Pamela D'Angio says:

    This judge is a damn joke. His children or grandchildren should be treated the same and maybe this asshole judge will give harsher punishments. Tie this abuser to the car and drag his sorry fucking ass you POS.


    that judge is fucked up that asshole should be in jail fro life that poor dog i hope his
    parents dont let him near the dog or in there home please dont let that asshole get away with this put both him and the judge on a leash and drag them down the street like they did tothe dogand see how they like it to hell with him and that judgeif that was my kid i say to hell with him and bring chareges on him and but him away for goodi hope his parents dont have anything to do with him afther what he did to the dog god bless the dog hope he is ok and away from the mean animal person

  13. Mary Esterline says:

    That judge is freaking ridiculous. He deserves a harsher sentence than what he got. That poor dog suffered needlessly and he is only getting a slap for what he did. That judge is a dam joke. Maybe the judge should be attached to a car and dragged down the street and then he will learn exactly what the dog suffered at this abusers hands.

  14. Cynthia Como says:

    And this is EXACTLY why we will NEVER EVER start to slow down the rampant abuse and cruelty of animals! I wonder if this STUPID UNCOMPASSIONATE judge has pets of his own at home?

  15. Brigitte says:

    Judge should be spending time in jail if he can’t give any reasonable sentence to a fucking bastard like this. I would love to see this fucking bastard drag the same way he did his dog and be put in jail for at least 5 years..

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      These brain dead judges that treat animal cruelty like littering should be thrown off the bench for idiocy – Ross Cheney should be chained to a truck and dragged until he is no more than a grease stain on the road. Fourteen days (weekends only) is a slap on the wrist – I do hope ALL of those weekends finds him to become a victim of some inmates who will find his punk white ass a tasty morsel.

  16. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ce (personnage) n’a pas l’intelligence nécessaire pour être juge, il n’a rien à faire dans ce métier, combien de criminel a t’il laissé dehors et combien d’innocent sont enfermé.
    Ce monstre aurait dû avoir la peine maximum de prison, être interdit d’avoir ou d’approcher un animal à vie.

  17. Marsha says:

    This person should receive more than 14 days. He needs to be drug along side of a car and then spend several years in jail. I own animals myself and they are just like my children……..hurt one of them and I will come after you with everything I got. Judge Brown you should be ashamed.


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