cyanide bomb kills family dog

Dept. of Agriculture cyanide bomb explodes, killing family’s dog

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A cyanide bomb, set out by someone with the Department of Agriculture, has killed a Pocatello, Idaho, family’s dog. According to the Idaho State Journal, the deadly device is intended to be used as “predator control,” but it instead killed a three-year-old Labrador retriever, and put a 14-year-old boy at risk.

It was Theresa Mansfield’s child who encountered the deadly device on Thursday – the boy, and his dog, Casey, were not far from home when the device detonated. After the fatal incident, the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office released a statement which indicates that the situation is being investigated:

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident involving a predator control device that detonated killing a family’s dog. The Sheriff’s Office received the call earlier this date from the father indicating an unknown device had detonated in close proximity to his son and the family’s dog. The incident occurred on a ridge line located above a residence on Buckskin Rd.

The father indicated that the family dog had been killed and his son had been covered in an unknown substance as the device detonated. Luckily this child was not seriously injured. It was later determined that the device was placed at it’s location by the Department of Agriculture. The device is used by the Department of Agriculture for predator control and when activated releases a burst of Cyanide. The device is a M-44 device but is commonly referred to as a “Cyanide Bomb.”

This device is extremely dangerous to animals and humans. A picture of the device in included in this release for the public’s knowledge. If a device such as this is ever located please do not touch or go near the device and contact your local law enforcement agency. The family involved in this incident were evaluated at a local hospital and were released.

(Image via Bannock Sheriff)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    What is wrong with this picture? What kind of predator are they trying to control with a deadly device like this? Sure if you see one notify the authorities, I wouldn’t probably know what was it until it was too late and obviously the dog didn’t! Prayers for this family and for all man kind if this is how our government thinks “predators” need to be eliminated. I would be hiring a lawyer and suing them for all I could get!

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    This has to be the craziest,insane thing I have ever heard of!! Our Federal government does the most stupidest and irresponsible acts,these stupid devices need to be outlawed! In this day of modern technology this is the best they can do? I’m having a real hard time trying to comprehend how this cyanide bomb is allowed ANYWHERE!!!! I for one was so pissed when it was decided to NOT outlaw puppy mills and to instead have them regulated by the USDA!! They decision will have absolutely ZERO effect on the health and well being of thousands upon thousands of innocent dogs trapped in these LEGAL TORTURE CHAMBERS FROM HELL FOR DOGS!!! The placing of cyanide bombs sounds like something done in a depressed third world country!! But then again it is the USDA,a organization than absolutely doesn’t give shit about the welfare of animals,they are a another horror and failure of our Federal government! More and more I can see why so many citizens of our country have zero trust in the Federal government! They are LAZY,STUPID,AND IMMORAL!! They should be sued over this! WHAT THE HELL!!!! I find these cyanide bombs UNACCEPTABLE AND VERY DANGEROUS TO ALL! FREAKING ASSHOLES!!! I too have become completely untrusting of our Federal government and I thought I would NEVER feel that way! SOMETHING TOTALLY SHADEY ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING THAT THEY DO,and any organization that wants to be veiled in secrecy has a lot to hide from the tax paying citizens of this country! We need a watchdog group of honest,ethical people to police everything FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!! Prayers to this heartbroken family! So wrong! So sad!!

    • linda says:

      This could have been prevented if they had a hazardous flag implanted in the ground. RIP Casey and glad the boy is doing well.

      • linda says:

        Hard to say, but, the word Hazardous with the symbol may I say may have saved the dog and prevented the boy from being sick. Any hazardous material should have had a warning flag implanted. Even if an adult had been walking would not have known without such a warning. When they used certain pesticides on lawns I always see the warning flags.

  3. Tonya Dantes says:

    Sue them for everything!!!! Your son was covered in Cyanide and the poor dog was killed just for taking a walk near their home! Crazy b@stards at the DoA!!! What we’re they thinking using some kind of sick and twisted weapon such as this. Sounds like something you would see in a horror movie.

  4. Donna Hawkins says:

    My god what are they terrorists!!!??? What an incredibly stupid ,irresponsible , unconscionable,malicious act ! I thought the wonderful government agencies stopped using those things years ago! Apparently NOT!

  5. Darla says:

    I’ve never heard of such a device but it’s obviously not safe. This young boy watched his dog get killed right in front of him….that’s something he will never forget. My sympathy to the family.

    • Donna Hawkins says:

      It’s mind boggling! Such a deadly substance behind homes!!! Yes that’s your “animal friendly” dept of agriculture !! Sickening and yes that poor boy that’s lucky to be alive!

      • Cynthia Como says:

        The USDA is not in any way shape or form for the humane treatment of animals!! NO WAY!! They could give a rats ass about the welfare of the nations animals!! Sadly our entire federal government consists of fraudulent liars! ESPECIALLY the USDA! They are in charge of the legal torture chambers from HELL better known as PUPPY MILLS!! The on going fight for the humane treatment of animals is going backwards instead of progressing forward!!

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    A bomb set of by the DOA you have got to love it! This is the same branch of the government that is supposed to safe guard animals and crops for animal and human consumption! You don’t have to worry about terrorists when our own goverment sets out bombs without telling anyone, and said bombs are filled with cyanide.

  7. Joyce Dutrisac says:

    If you think they give a Fuck whether it killed one dog or a hundred dogs think again
    We live in a throw-a-way society

  8. Wendy says:

    You don’t specify “Preditors type”!?You killed an innocent family dog????????You didn’t kill child but you don’t know if in near future if he doesn’t have an reaction! Could have inhaled substance.Shame on you

  9. maxiemom says:

    This has to be one of the most mindless things I’ve heard of yet! What are they thinking? Anyone who’d set out bombs like this, or THINK about it, must be some kind of monster! Anyone could have been hurt by this, and it obviously nearly killed that kid. As it was, it did take the life of a family’s dog, Now I know the filth who sets these devices don’t give a damn about killing family pets, but this is simply wrong. It has to stop.

  10. pennysdachshund says:

    THIS is one time I think a lawsuit is Called for !!! The dog was the victim, probably NO LOSS ACCORDING TO OUR Government!!!! Hell the whole family could have died a horrible death, not just the unfortunate family pet…. WHY WAS THERE NO POSTINGS !!! SOME Bearucrataic Ass Needs to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for this!!!

  11. Glenda says:

    I’d like t know what other states these are used…I seen something very similar to the in kansas and we now live in arkansas…my dogs don’t rn freely all the time but are allowed to go out and potty several times a day without me and we are in the country…do we all need to worry about this now…I can’t find much info on the Se of these I other states so anything you can find I’d like to read…Thanks


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