Family sobbed when they were forced to surrendered beloved dog

Family lost home and sobbed as they were forced to surrender beloved dog

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A senior dog, who spent her entire life with a loving family, is currently being held at a busy, open-admission animal shelter in Georgia. The eight-year-old dog, named “Tessa,” lost her family when they lost their home.

Tessa is at the Glynn County Animal Control, who described the heartbreaking scene when the senior dog was surrendered by her family, “Tessa’s former owners had her since she was a puppy and they were all she ever knew. It was very hard decision for them and they cried in our lobby. We promised we would do the best we could to find her a home.”

Tessa has been at the busy animal control agency for a few months now – tragically, her life is in jeopardy because the facility is full and that means that homeless pets can be put down because of space constraints.

Thanks to Tessa’s former owners, this dog’s many attributes are known. The shelter wrote:

The owners told us lots of great things about Tessa to help get her placed in a new home that would love her as much as they did. They told us she was excellent with children and loves to play! She is housebroken and she had always been an inside dog. She is 8 years old, 39 pounds, and a mix breed (maybe border collie/terrier mix). She is not so good with cats. At the shelter, she did great with a larger male dog, but not so good with a smaller female dog. (A meet and greet is recommended with a resident dog to see if it’s a match.)

You can help this deserving senior dog find a new family by sharing her information. Questions? Please email the shelter at

Location: Glynn County Animal Control is located at 4765 Highway 17 N, Brunswick, GA.

Tessa’s adoption profile here.

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16 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    So sad please contact family before you kill her maybe circumstances have changed for them that’s the least you can do for this poor dog who doesn’t deserve to be killed

  2. slv says:

    Poor girl, couldn’t anyone foster her while the family gets back on their feet? I love seniors, wish I could adopt her….

  3. Linda Novak says:

    Can’t Tessa and her family be referred to a place where she can be fostered till they can get back on their feet & get a new place & have the option to get her back again?
    Clearly she is loved and cared for. It’s no their fault this all happened. Can anyone who knows of a place refer Tessa & her family?

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I can’t fathom if I lost my home and my precious pup survived, how I could ever let her go. I would probably go broke boarding her until I found a home where we all could live after all she is my family. I’m with the others on here couldn’t someone help with fostering until they find a place?

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    My heart breaks for this family. For me NOTHING in this life can part me from my fur babies,even losing my home. But I don’t have children to worry about and maybe that’s the difference! This sweetheart would make an amazing pet and I’m shocked that she hadn’t been adopted quickly! This darn shelter better not kill this baby,there is a home out there for this dog,it’s be proven that there are more available homes than dogs to put them in,so I know innocent healthy dogs are murdered because they are not given the time to find a home,how unfair and sad is that? PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT KILL THIS SWEETHEART PLEASE! OMG! How my heart aches over this horrible and unfair plight of our countries homeless dogs! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP BEAUTIFUL TESSA PLEASE!!! PRAYING FOR U BEAUTIFUL TESSA……..PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED. PLEASE

  6. cathy says:

    Please save her she is prescious I would get her but I have cats and dogs so I can’t get her. Praying for u Tessa!!! Hang on your future forever home is going to find you.

  7. Linda Novak says:

    I wish I was close to foster Tessa. I feel the family should be given an opportunity to take their beloved dog back. Clearly they love her and only wanted to do what was best for her. Hopefully she won’t be put down before a miracle can happen for Tessa & her family. Hopefully they left information where they can be reached in case they find a place & they can keep up with Tessa. I’ll continue to share Tessa in the hope that somebody out there can help her and/or her family & maybe reunite them all.

  8. Georgette K Hassler says:

    ACC facilities should reach out or recommend contacting local rescued to ask if they would have a foster that could care for the dog until their circumstances have improved.


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