Homeless through no fault of his own

Homeless, through no fault of his own, after owner died

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On July 27, a mixed breed dog arrived at the Clayton County Animal Control in Jonesboro, Georgia. The smallish dog (weighing around 20-25 pounds) is currently homeless, through no fault of his own.

The dog, known by his ID#171840, is sitting in the dog pound because his owner died – for reasons unknown, no family or friends were able to take him in. Adult dogs often have a hard time finding a new home…even worse, adult dogs who are a dark color (you have undoubtedly heard of the dreaded “black dog syndrome.”)

This boy has done nothing to deserve his canine jail – and he is certainly quite confused about what is going on. You can help give him a chance by sharing his adoption information – he is relying on the kindness of strangers who are willing to take a moment out of their day to share information on his behalf.

Currently located at the “Headquarters” shelter located at 1396 Government Circle Jonesboro, GA 30236.
For more information on these animals please come to the shelter or contact 770-477-3509. You can also email rescue.coordinator@claytoncountyga.gov

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6 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    It never fails to sadden me! An elderly person has a pet they die the pet no longer has a home! You would think the family would love that pet because that gives them something to keep them connected to that person! But that’s not what happens! Now this beautiful boy is sitting in a place that is very scary for him! Please don’t let his life end too!

  2. Mark says:

    What no name?! The family couldn’t provide the poor doggy a name? Hoping he/she will find another loving home.

  3. penny'sdachshund says:

    Sad !Sad! Story… I hope that there is ONE CARING INDIVIDUAL in this Georgia Town that will HAVE the heart to help this little guy out!!!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE some kind person step up and rescue this poor dog – he did nothing wrong and is scared, confused and lonely. You will never regret it – be a hero for him.


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