Unusual encounter – golfers help thirsty coyote in Arizona

Golfers give thirsty coyote a drink
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Golfers at an Arizona course had a rather unusual wildlife encounter last weekend. According to AZ Central, four men golfing at Scottsdale’s Talking Stick Golf Club were approached by a coyote.

The men could see that the coyote was in need of help, and possibly injured – rather than ignoring the animal’s plight, the men offered him a cup of water. One of the men, Ryan Taplin, made a Facebook post about the incredible encounter.

Taplin wrote:

A once in a life time experience.

Found this coyote injured and in need of food and water today. Out on the front 9 at Talking Stick Golf Club, we noticed him stalking an animal. When he realized we were watching, he came right up to our cart. It’s crazy how gentle a wild animal can be when in need of help…Poor little guy.

The men’s act of kindness has not stopped at the cup of water – now they are trying to contact local wildlife authorities to get “Wiley” the help that he obviously needs.

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  1. They got lucky…he could have been rabid. I’m glad they gave him water, but Game and Fish will probably kill him rather than trap/relocate him. I hope he made his way to safety.

  2. It’s so good to read a good story like this. Thumbs up to the kind golfers for doing a great thing for the coyote. The entire world needs to read more stories like this.


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