‘Dog left in hot car dead’: Vet shares photo to warn pet owners

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A British Columbia veterinarian shared a photo of a dead dog to the Shaughnessy Vet Hospital Facebook in an effort to expose the consequences of what can really happen when leaving pets in a hot car. Under the distressing photo, veterinarian Leah Montgomery explained:

“We are heart broken. Such a preventable disaster. Dog left in the car today. Dead. Family is distraught. Please please stop doing this people!”

The dog had been brought to the vet’s office on Friday evening; the owners admitted they had left their dog in the car. The poignant and heartbreaking photo of the dog covered in a blanket with only his paws showing has been shared thousands of times.

“Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital Friends, this was posted as a reminder that this CAN HAPPEN – to anyone. They are not “bad” pet people. Take it to heart, remember this, and NEVER let it happen to you. Be careful when you cast stone.”

According to CtvNews, Dr. Montgomery has been frustrated with the photos of panting dogs lucky enough to have been rescued in the nick of time. The reality lies in all the dogs who didn’t have the happy ending, and as disturbing as the photo may be, is the reality of what happens when dogs are left in hot cars and no one comes to their rescue.  Leaving dogs in hot vehicles can cause their blood to thicken which tragically leads to kidney failure, blood clots and sometimes death.

Let’s hope this photo convinces dog owners to leave their pets at home.

(Photo of dog left in hot car dead courtesy of Shaughnessy Vet Hospital)

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16 replies
    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Absolutely!! Exactly how many times does this have to be broadcasted before these idiots realize this danger???? I swear there are some ahole humans whose brain is located right up their butt and this so called ‘brokenhearted’ family is a prime example of STUPID, NEGLIGENT, AND BRAIN DEAD!

  1. maxiemom says:

    INEXCUSABLE!!! If the dog owners were “distraught”, then why were they STUPID enough to leave their dog in a hot car to cook to death? How many times has this happened this year alone? How many times have IDIOTS like this been warned, yet still do it, only to have their dogs bake in the oven, AKA their cars? Give me a break!!!!!!

    This is completely preventable! If a car is too damned hot for you when you sit inside, it is too damned hot for someone who can cool down only by panting!!!!!

    • Darla says:

      I agree….my dogs NEVER go with me on errands anymore, no matter what the temperature. I’m too afraid someone might steal them. If I leave them at home, I know they’re as safe as they can possibly be and I’m free to run my errands as quickly and efficiently as possible without worrying about their welfare. That way, I get home faster to be with my precious pups!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I wonder if God came and wiped out all the stupid people on this Earth how many would actually be left. RIP puppy, your humans failed you just when you trusted them to take care of you always. These people should be prosecuted!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Haven’t there been enough warnings, headlines,stories on the news or online for people to realize that you don’t leave an animal in a car in this weather. I guess because they probably got out of a cool, air conditioned car that it would stay cool enough for their dog.until they came back. The temperature inside that can, once the air conditioning is off can soar immediately and the dog will begin to suffer quickly. Leave your dog home when hot outside or even warm unless you are going to remain in the car the whole time and not leave the dog alone.


    Stupid, idiot people! I hope this person gets left in the car and see how it feels when he’s struggling for air till his last breath.

  5. linda says:

    What is wrong with people. Do they purposely chose to ignore the dangers of leaving dogs in cars during the hot weather?! No excuse! Arrest the POS’S!

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    How many more must die before people finally realize that leaving a dog in a hot car is a death sentence? I am beyond disgusted that people have no more sense than this! I hope this family IS “distraught” I hope they are haunted by this for the rest of their lives!.This is something that should NEVER happen!


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