Sad face after reality sets in

This is the face of a dog who realizes she has been left behind

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Update 5/22/17: Electra has been adopted – safe and out of the building!

Meet Electra – a two-year-old dog who was left at the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, on May 17. Electra’s face speaks volumes – she realizes that she has been left behind at the animal shelter, she realizes that her family is gone.

It is sadly amazing how few people actually realize (or care) about what happens to their surrendered pet – how few people truly understand the emotional impact that being left behind has on a dog.

ADOPTED ELECTRA IS AVAILABLE NOW FOR PUBLIC ADOPTION. PLEASE KEEP SHARINGELECTRA represents the face os sadness and reality in the shelters. Sometimes I would like to understand owners surrendering their animals and I don't like to judge them but when you see how the dogs come to the receiving department with their happy faces and they stand all proud I just can't understand.. (I'm speaking in general, not sure if she was found as stray or she was an owner surrendered) ELECTRA is available now for public adoption. Hopefully she can leaves soon. Please share so people know she is there. ELECTRAPit Bull Terrier MixAge (approximate): 4 yearsSex FemaleColor BLU/WHTAvailable on:(Subject to change) May 20, 2017Rescue Date:(Subject to change) May 30, 2017Control Number: #I1272440 shelter does not disclose updates to me after the dogs are no longer in their care. Please contact them for any INFORMATION and/or UPDATES. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Im only a net-worker therefore, i do not have pulling rights. I name the dogs for my personal references, the shelter doesn't know those names so always make sure to ask for a dog by their control number not by their name to avoid confusion.INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETYPOMONA CA909 623-9777VIDEO THREAD

Posted by Dolores Menchaka on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An advocate for Electra wrote, “ELECTRA represents the face of sadness and reality in the shelters. Sometimes I would like to understand owners surrendering their animals and I don’t like to judge them but when you see how the dogs come to the receiving department with their happy faces and they stand all proud I just can’t understand.”

The change in Electra’s face from the time that her intake photo was taken, to her face inside of the kennel run, is dramatic, and heartbreaking. Upon intake, the reality of what was happening had not taken hold – obviously, a short time later this intuitive dog realized her fate.

Before reality hit

Please share Electra’s adoption information before she becomes nothing more than a sad statistic.

Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age (approximate): 2 years
Sex Female

Available on:
(Subject to change) May 17, 2017
Rescue Date:
(Subject to change) May 25, 2017
Control Number: #I1272032

909 623-9777

Link to profile at shelter here.

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106 replies
  1. Janie Ledergerber says:

    Humans suck. How anyone can break the heart of their dog and leave it at a shelter without a backward glance or thought for their welfare is something I will never understand. They are thinking, feeling beings who love, feel sadness, grief, loss, happiness, loneliness, fear and any other emotion that humans feel. I hope there is a place where people who do this go for all eternity and they have no voice and are abandoned and left without anyone to care. I hope they have to feel all of the feelings that every animal they betrayed must have felt. I hope they receive no mercy because they certainly didn’t show any when they abandoned an animal who loved them unconditionally.

    • Jill says:

      I live in a condo where the people in authority hate animals. I mean how do we allow people who hate animals get into positions of authority??

    • Rose Guerra Ponder says:

      I agree. My dog Coco is my baby. I would never ever leave her or any dog I get. I don’t understand people! Do not get a dog if you can’t commit for life ???????????? poor baby

  2. Red says:

    IF YOU OWN A PET…. YOU ARE THEIR judge, jury and executioner when you surrender them! There are very few who make it out alive, especially if they are pit bulls. Anyone who surrenders a pet is heartless.
    Do you give up a child if you have to move? They get sick?
    Do you give up family if they get old? Crippled?
    PETS ARE FAMILY………………… if you are a human, with a heart.

    • Rose Smith says:

      Very well said and I have to agree; there are better ways to handle a situation like this, and leaving your beloved pet at a shelter is not one of them.
      I would never abandon my pet, not to a shelter nor to anyone, to me, once I make the decision to adopt, they are for life, I would go to any length to make sure they remain in my care, to “get rid of them” is not an option to me.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you! That’s exactly what I just said in reply to a girl who thinks there are acceptable “reasons” to dump a family pet. If you don’t dump your kids at an orphanage, you don’t dump your pets at a shelter. Through thick and thin, they’re your family and your responsibility.

  3. Linda says:

    I dont know how people can do this. I understand that sometimes situations are beyond our control but how could anyone do this to a family member. 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years ! We take on the responsibility that we will love and care for them forever. They are family. The thought of one of my animals going through that lose and fear would haunt me.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    If you can’t/won’t devote yourself to having an animal for its whole life, then don’t get one – they are living breathing beings who love you unconditionally and if you can’t return that love you are selfish and heartless with the compassion of a rock. I hate people who can just dump an animal and walk away.

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:


  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    I just left mine at our boarding facility for a week, because we HAVE to visit my husband;s daughter and family (My husband says we have to and to keep peace in the family I go) and my 12 year old Barkley’s face is still haunting me, even though I know there is playing in kiddie pools and other fun activities awaiting him at the kennel (he will probably have more fun there than he does at home) so how someone can do this to their pet is beyond me. Electra is lucky, here is a story about her, she is being networked and hopefully will find a loving family who will adopt her. How many others that don’t make the Pet Rescue Report will make it out of the shelter? To Electra’s advocate that doesn’t like to judge ;the owners that do this, that’s ok I’ll gladly do it for you. As far as I am concerned there is NO reason to dump your pet at a shelter. There are other alternatives, Most don’t give a rat’s ass, it’s like selling a car or a piece of furniture, to them It’s “only” a dog.

  7. Sylvia Thomas says:

    There is no excuse dumping your loyal pet no matter what…. I hope your children will dump you ..

  8. Debbie says:

    This is the saddest and most disgusting thing i have seen today! How could they???? How could they leave their baby? Heartbroken and confused. To die alone? In a loud noisy kill shelter?????? They are heartless scum humans who never deserved this gift they had!!! I wish them misery and pain! I do. How could you?????? May karma give you unrelenting pain and misery!!!!. Evil scum! Someone save this precious soul!

  9. Laureen Kanyan-Reimer says:

    I’d take that baby in a heartbeat! I just got 18 acres of forest land in KY. And I’m disabled. She’d be so loved here. I just have no way to get her.
    Please find her an extraordinarily loving fur-home.

  10. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    That is absolutely heartbreaking! The only consolation is that this dog will hopefully have a better home than with the heartless creeps who left him there.

  11. Christine Brown says:

    OMG what a sad video to watch she needs to get out of the shelter ASAP You can see she is unhappy locked up in there. These sort of people who abandon there dogs for no good reason what soever needs to have there butts kicked from here to kingdom come. When you take a dog on its for life people and not to be abandoned like these owners did. Karma will get her revenge on you i can guarantee it

  12. Erika says:

    Cows look like this before people kill them with no mercy. Fuck whoever left this poor baby at the shelter… But to be honest, if you love animals, you need to look at the impact your lifestyle makes on more kinds of animals than just dogs. If you drink milk, i can guarantee you that the baby cow is ripped away from it’s mother within 24 hours of birth. Start reading, educate yourself on how you can help make life better for all animals and not just one kind.

  13. Cynthia Como says:

    TOO HEARTBREAKING AND SAD FOR WORDS!!! Please,please keep us updated! OMG! WHY???? God bless Electra

  14. Jing Jing Chia says:

    She looks lost,confused,embarrassed,betrayed,so sad ????,wondering what went wrong? Did she herself did something bad?How come my family don’t want me? Why do my family disown me? Millions of questions in her mind,what is going to happen next?What am I going to do?
    Just can’t accept all these…, Seeing her head dropped n could not face n handle d reality that actually happening….,,,
    God,please guide me,please show me d way,please help me,I’m desperate for your guidance on how to go on anymore… please.
    Do sign it to me what must I do….to heal my helpless soul…..

  15. Moira says:

    My endless Moto, No Family Member Left Behind, I have 3 Pitbulls, never in my 35 years off sharing my life with my dog’s have I ever consider leaving any off them behind, even when triying to find a rental home and been turned down, you always find a way,

  16. Kathleen Drude says:

    Electra could be every dog, when they realize that they have been left in this place! The confusion, look into their eyes their stories are written there! Look into any animals eyes happiness sadness fear and pain! An animals eyes cant hide anything from humans, they are not duplicitous,they have no guile! They are incapable of dishonesty, they dont lie! There it is in their eyes to be read by who ever takes the time!

  17. Judith Weber says:

    Probation… 5 years of supervised volunteer service with animals. Hard work and education, giving back. The judge needs to be educated.

  18. Tiffanf says:

    Today is my birthday and all
    I would want is for her to be saved from this terrible low of her life! Poor baby! She deserves a better life! ❤️????She’ll bring joy and love to your life!!

  19. Valerie Queen says:

    Any update? Does she like other dogs? I just lost my big grey pit whom I rescued unexpected. I would love more information and see if I can somehow adopt her and bring her to my home in Idaho. I’ll need help getting her here but any information would be greatly appreciated!! Valerie

    • maggie says:

      I don’t see her on their page for adoptions and kennel 29 does not have any dogs in it so undoubtedly she’s not there any more. There’s not a dog there with her number.

  20. Kathie Adams Maddocks Russell says:

    I literally have never seen anything this sad in ALL the posts and stories I’ve seen over the years. I have never seen a face so heartbroken and my heart is crushed. This dog is devastated. I soooo wish I was close enough to help this poor poor baby.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Hi, can someone from the shelter please provide an update on Electra? I’m in Austin, Texas but saw her posting and want to make sure she found a home.

  22. Jax says:

    If transportation can be arranged to Michigan, where I am, I will take her and love the hell outta her! Just lost my 2nd rescue pittie boy to cancer a week before graduation earlier this month- he would have loved to meet her! But, there is a hole in my home, and heart, I need to fill, and it’s open to this girl!

  23. Kim says:

    This literally breaks my heart. People are so cruel. Pets are for life. You take on the responsibility when you take them home. Some people just don’t deserve them

  24. Stephen Kellar says:

    Working with an animal rescue group, I understand there are those rare cases when there’s no choice but to turn in a beloved animal, but most go just like this. I cannot believe how heartless some families can be. They have no idea how lonely and betrayed these animals feel when they are dropped off and they see their owners walking away without them. Accepting a pet is a lifetime responsibility. If you can’t do it, don’t adopt them. I almost love dogs more than humans. At least they love you unconditionally.

  25. Christine says:

    Before you can surrender a pet they should 1st have to watch a video of what gos on in the Euthanasia room then have to sign the release for when it there’s pet time is up the video will be sent to them

  26. Julie Jo says:

    My feeling about my cat and two dogs are this: I go, they go. I will never leave them anywhere I won’t be their whole lives. They deserve that at the very least. They love me and belong with me. I feel very lucky to own them They are very good pets.

  27. Paula says:

    Just called the shelter, ELECTRA IS BEING ADOPTED!! I was also informed that there is another good pit, 4 years old, on the shelter’s website.

  28. Maggie says:

    By the looks of the broken chain around her neck, if this is a no kill shelter, she might be better off. Let’s all share this sweet soul as far as we can. I pray the right forever family finds you sweet girl. Love, me and my pack.

  29. Richard says:

    A registry needs to be established and people who dump their pets like this need to go on it. Before allowing any one to sell or adopt an animal they must check the registry. People like this are to be refused access to any animals


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