Dogs starved to the brink of death

No jail time for woman who starved dogs to the brink of death

By the time that dogs belonging to a woman in Akron, Ohio, were discovered, they were skeletal – starved to the brink of death. Despite their dismal condition, and evidence that they were kept for long periods of time locked away without food and water, owner Angel Facemire, will spend no time in jail.

According to Wednesday’s, the 52-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to charges of prohibitions concerning companion animals has been sentenced to 24 months of probation. During Facemire’s two year probation, she is prohibited from owning animals.

Facemire and her husband, Richard, were being served a drug warrant in early March when the authorities discovered four emaciated dogs inside of their home. One of the dogs, dubbed “Josephine,” weighed just 35 pounds when she was found.  Diane Johnson, CEO and President of The Humane Society of Greater Akron, told, “She is one of the worst cases we have seen. She was severely emaciated. Now’s she gained more than 35 pounds. She’s more than doubled her weight since she’s been here.”

Despite the severe neglect the four dogs endured, there is no jail time in the future for either owner – last month, Angel’s husband, Richard, was also sentenced to two years of probation.

All of the dogs are expected to make a full recovery and are available for adoption from the animal shelter this week.

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Sad face after reality sets in

49 replies
    • Marla says:

      Countless innocent animals suffer because of our impotent laws. Our justice system refuses to make examples of these worthless humans, so it’s up to us animal advocates to name and shame abusers. If the lives of all abusers are more difficult, maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll implode. Shine a bright light and keep it shining on Richard and Angel Facemire.

    • Colleen says:

      If I get my paws on them it will be!!!! Talk about a couple of lowlife pieces of PURE shit!!!! They BETTER NOT get anymore animals OR ELSE!

    • Colleen says:

      If I get my paws on them it WILL be! Talk about a couple of lowlife pieces of PURE SHIT! They BETTER NOT get anymore animals OR ELSE!

  1. Angela Corso says:

    Seriously! Starve the judge and he/she may feel differently about not passing any punishment. I’m disgusted by that decision. I hope the dogs find forever homes and will never go hungry again.

    • Mary Ann Clark says:

      That judge is incompetent and should be unseated! These criminals should at least get a life sentence with no parole!

  2. Marsha Flynn says:

    WTF is wrong with people????AND no jail time for these POS!!!?? Shame on the Judicial system and I hope these owners die a very slowly and painful death!!?!Sewer scum!!!!?

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    Same shit different day!! Why waste the time and resources to arrrst and charge these monsters when there is NEVER EVER punishment?? Fucking ridiculous and it’s insanity of the highest order! This is why we will never stem this crime,the courts codone it,they enable it and protect the abusers by not punishing them! It’s immoral and I’m fucking sick of it!!!!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I could not have said it better Cynthia – these two wastes of flesh and blood get NOTHING for their cruelty. Apparently, the abuse of animals is treated like littering on the street – of no importance. Maybe, hopefully, there is some street justice waiting for Angel and Richard Facemire – they so well deserve it.

  4. Liz B says:

    Hmmm….I wonder what you have to do to an animal in Akron in order to get jail time. This wasn’t bad enough?

  5. Cheryl Venable says:

    Animals love unconditionally it’s really sad mean people can’t, won’t, return that same love. It’s pathetic they should never be able to have any kind of pet EVER!!

  6. maxiemom says:

    No excuse for this. I don’t even think about what this POS would have had to have done to deserve jail time. What I do know is that she knows she can commit ATROCITIES and get away with it, as does every scumbag like her.

  7. Red says:

    HOW IN THE HELL DO THESE MONSTERS get off with NO TIME served for starving 4 animals? Really??? You can sit and eat, go the store, day in and day out and NOT FEED YOUR ANIMALS???
    This is just repulsive that the judge does not care about animals. KICK HIM OFF THE BENCH!!! This court needs a judge that cares about animals and does not PROTECT MONSTERS!

  8. Elaine Briden says:

    Someone there in ohio should start a petition to remove that braindead judge. Now that there is no justice for those poor dogs, what kind of a msg is that sending for other retards who think its ok ????????????????????????????

  9. Nelliebell says:

    First thought: How well do they know the Judge ?

    Disgusting that these two got away with such abuse.

    They were being served with a “Drug warrant”. That should have been an indication.

  10. Linda Patton says:

    What the hell do you mean no jail? What kind of judge heard this case? I demand this is resentenced and both get a minimum of 10 years in prison!!!

  11. pamela bolton says:

    And they call that JUSTICE ? that is why these Cretans to things like this. They know they can get away with it. Am sick to even be part of the HUMAN RACE. Disgusting.

  12. Diana Bradshaw says:


  13. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    What the HELL do you mean no jail time???? That is just total BULLSHIT!!!!! I cannot believe that she is not going to Prison. She needs to be put in Jail and Left there to Starve.

  14. Barkley's Mom says:

    A couple druggies starve their pets and all it deserves is probation? And WOW can’t own animals for the duration of the probation, now there is a sentence for you! I thought Ohio had passed tougher animal abuse laws, if this is what they are, they have wasted their time!

  15. Mark says:

    This behavior basically let go with a slap on the hand, should be creating all sorts of hell from the residents towards their government officials. What, oh they’re just dogs. Then what.

  16. Daniel Clarkson says:

    The only good thing about this is that the dogs are recovering, gaining weight, and will soon be available for adoption to furever homes where they will be able to receive the love that they so deserve.

  17. Gail says:

    This is why they do it because they no their is no consequences. They are evil beyond words to sit there and eat while their pets die of starvation a sick sadistic monster

  18. Joanne says:

    Heartbreaking and Horrific!!! This is extremely troublesome and despicable because after her two year probation period this scumbag will be allowed to own animals! This is so WRONG and UNJUST! This heartless monster should be prohibited from EVER owning any pets! God help the poor helpless dogs this monster will get after her probation! The poor dogs will be starved and live a horrible and miserable exsistence with this monster! Please, please do NOT allow this cruel monster to own any pets EVER because those poor animals will suffer horrific abuse, painful starvation, trauma, profound neglect, betrayal, and ultimate death! Shame on that incompetent judge for allowing this disgusting scumbag to own animals after her probation. The judge in this severe animal cruelty case is a spineless imbecile and should be removed from the bench because this inept judge has absolutely NO mercy, concern, or justice for animals. With this awful judge presiding over the animal cruelty cases, the poor defenseless animals will receive no justice and will continue to suffer profound abuse, torture, starvation and death!!! This is excruciating and painful to let this profound injustice happen to innocent, helpless, precious animals. Animals DESERVE a strong VOICE to protect, help and defend them! ANIMALS DESERVE JUSTICE! ????????????????????

  19. eleanor higgenbotham says:

    Josephine we will walk away from the bad and go toward the good. we have found you and now we can help you. get well beautiful animal.

  20. Carolyn ponturo says:

    RICHARD and ANGELA FACEMIRE of AKRON, OHIO…..just throwing that out there…..!!!!! Got it folks? FACEMIRE…..Richard and Angela…Akron, Ohio.

  21. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quand la justice ne fait pas son travail, ces au peuple de réagir. Je dis ça, mais je dis rien.

  22. Debbie Dahl says:

    And THIS is why animal abuse just continues, and it getting worse. The law doesn’t even consider them “viable”. As long as all these abusers get little hand slaps, this horror will continue.

  23. Star Shelley says:

    I hope this woman call human ,have night nightmares for the rest of her pathetic life. So sad, it’s hard breaking. I hope she suffers the same fate. Sending my love to these precious souls and a life of love and care.

  24. Gabe Cherrington says:

    Honestly if the law is weak as fuck. There will be others who will take the law into their own hands. Update your laws America stop acting like a third world country. It’s pathetic.

  25. Laurie says:

    She needs to do jail time!! How can someone abuse and neglect innocent animals and not be punished!! what is wrong with our court system??

  26. Colleen says:

    What too many people do not seem to realize is that humans as a species can not exist with out our animals who just happen to share the land with us…..not the other way around! Animals have lived without man before and they survived. They can do it still. PEOPLE! all you have to do is OPEN YOUR EYES, YOUR MINDS, and YOUR HEARTS.

  27. Cynthia Como says:

    As American citizens we are all complicit in this!! We pay our law makers paychecks with our tax money to be our voice and to enact the law we want for our communities and our state,they continually deny these laws to us and we just go along with it,WHY???? It is also the judicial system who even tho they have at their disposable to impose as much as 5 years in jail in the states that classified animal cruelty as a felony they continue to condone,enable and protect these evil monsters!! Why are these abusers arrested and charged and then not punished,they get fined so the courts can generate money and then do not meet out any punishment! Where is the deterrent and incentive to not repeat this,instead they protect them from jail time! We need to start DEMANDING change and if the American people would start raising hell and band together in protest we would be heard and start to see change. IT HAS TO START WITH STRONG LAWS AND SIGNIFICANT PUNISHMENT WHEN CAUGHT!! UNTIL LAWS ARE ENACTED AND ENFORCED THIS HORROR WILL JUST CONTINUE TO GROW AND FLOURISH WITH THE BLESSING OF OUR LAW MAKERS AND THE COURT SYSTEM!! Break the law and u will be punished,I thought this is how it is suppose to be!!!!!!!!


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