Fearful dog scheduled to die on Saturday

Given no chance, ‘fearful’ dog scheduled to die Saturday morning

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Update: Safe!

A dog who displayed signs of fear when he was picked up by an animal control officer is being given no chance to be adopted. The dog, dubbed “Toby,” was scared when the dog catcher slipped a noose around his neck and hoisted him into an animal control vehicle – the fear he showed has resulted in a virtual death sentence.

On Friday afternoon, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Nueces County, TX: Dogs in need of Rescue, wrote of the urgency of Toby’s situation:

Toby is a handsome young lab mix. He was scared of the dog catcher so he got labeled “fearful” and he is being killed ON his review date meaning Toby had the legal THREE days! To find a family! We can still help Toby! He needs a firm adopter or rescue tag by 10 p.m. TONIGHT or he DIES at 8.m. Tomorrow!

Heavy networking needs to be done RIGHT NOW in order for Toby to have a chance to live.


Toby: A286791, male, 2 years, 58 pounds

Corpus Christi ACS (Texas)
2626 Holly Road

For more information – please call 410-608-2195

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Devastated face of dog who has been left behind – read more here.

Sad face after reality sets in

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  1. Angela Corso says:

    Somebody has to be out there that will take this dog! I would if I lived in Texas, but I do not think I can get him up north in time to rescue. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST TO SAVE THIS DOG’S LIFE.

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! I freaking can’t STAND this utter and complete bullshit!!!! No one will EVER convince me that the jerks who head these shelters spend their time biting at the bit to kill dogs!!! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING REASON TO NOT GIVE THIS POOR DOG A CHANCE!!!! OF COURSE HE WAS AFRAID,IVE SEEN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ON RESCUE SITES HOW UTTERLY FEARFUL DOGS ARE OF A PERSON WITH A CATCH POLE AND WHEN THEY ARE CALMED DOWN END UP BEING SUCH WONDERFUL DOGS!!! This damn country should be ashamed of the amount of dogs that are killed for just being homeless,lost or afraid of what is happening to them,WE ARE ALL AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN SO WHY ARE DOGS ANY DIFFERENT??? Can someone tell me how to share these posts with rescue groups,I haven’t a clue on how to do it! This is breaking my heart!!!! PLEASE PLEASE SONEONE BP THIS POOR POOR DOG,HE FORS NOT DESERVE THIS DEATH SENTENCE!! OMG! PLEASR!!!!!!!!!

    • Patricia Wright says:

      I totally agree with you. We are so quick to torture poor animals because of sick minded people who think it’s ok because “they are just animals”. I don’t care what kind of animal it is, it’s not right and people should not get away with it! Pits have a bad rep because of ass holes that think it’s fun to bet on these dogs AND then sit and watch them fight! I can’t even read about it, forget looking at the pictures! I truly believe that these people will answer to God. but that doesn’t help the animals now. I wish we could get more people to stand together on this and get something done. petitions to our state reps and the attorney general could be a good start. soon, we will not have animals in the wild, domesticated animals will be free game, etc. SO sad

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You are absolutely right – Toby is SCARED – what can’t these idiots realize this poor dog is being manhandled by a catch pole and dumped in a shelter and he is fearful – who wouldn’t be and where does some damn dog catcher have the right to deem Toby ‘fearful’ – NOT aggressive – we’d all be fearful – this is a bunch of BS to the highest degree. What the hell is wrong w/Texas? Give this poor dog a chance to acclimated to his new environment – he deserves it.

  3. Christine Brown says:

    instead of putting this dog down why doesn’t the shelter give him a chance and start taking him to dog training again. Any dog would be frightened of a dog catcher holding a dog catcher noose in their hands

  4. Debbieholiday says:

    Someone help him please and stop the killing really u people break so many hearts and the dogs too i just don’t understand how u people can sleep at nite god will punish u in the worst way

  5. (SunWolf)Beth C. says:

    Yeah sounds about right, judged by 1 incident by an emotion,
    so you going to tell me that if you were Toby, got a rope around your neck and you were hoisted up in the air into a scary enclosed box you would not have fear?
    I sure would
    These kind of humans are a lot of what’s wrong with this world in my opinion.

    Who are they to make the decision who lives or dies?

  6. John says:

    This is why I hate Kill Shelters. They don’t give a Dog a Chance for a Loving Home. A Fearful Dog does not give you the right to Kill Him.

  7. Greg says:

    Sad to see this. All of our dogs have come from shelters and 1 was labeled as uncontrollable and fearful. After 1 week of having him he was the most loving, attentive, funny, silly, playful dog ever

  8. pennysdachshunds says:

    I thought of this fellow all day on Saturday and no matter what I did it would creep into my mind and heart!!! I couldn’t get the courage to look until just now ::; I am do damn HAPPY TO SEE THIS ONE GOOD THING AT LEAST HAPPENED IN TEXAS YESTERDAY???/ TOBY WAS SAVED!!! WOW DOUBLE WOW!!!

  9. Dee says:

    A lot of dogs are fearful in this situation. Does that mean that every dog that shows fear should be killed. That is f. ..d up. Thats nasty thinking


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