dog rescues baby possum

Dog rescues baby possum and the pair become deeply bonded

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A heroic dog, and a baby possum, have formed a deep bond after a life-or-death situation. Dr. Chris Brown, a veterinarian, recounted the sweet tale of friendship on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Dr. Brown described how the unlikely bond began:

When “Chili” the springer spaniel saw a baby possum being attacked by crows in a Brisbane park, he decided to step in and save his life. And out of his selfless act, a surprising friendship was formed.

The baby possum knew the heroic dog was a protector – according to UPI, the baby crawled to Chili’s ear to rest after the frightening ordeal. The dog’s owner, Trevor Weeks, described the tender moment, “Chili sat very quietly in the car with the baby possum still asleep in his ear.”


Dr. Brown continued:

Even though Chili has never been a father, his strong protective instinct even surprised his owner Trevor Weeks when he leapt to the defense of the tiny marsupial. But if that wasn’t paternal enough, Chili then let the possum crawl underneath his long ear flaps and fall asleep. In fact, staff at the local vet had to gently prize the baby away from the inside of Chili’s ears just to give him a health check.

According to Dr. Brown, the baby will be returned to the wild – he wrote:

After a few months of nurturing from a wildlife carer and occasional visits from Chili, he’ll be released back to the wild where his second chance at life will hopefully work out better than the first.

(Photos via Dr. Chris Brown FB page)

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