Juveniles steal 16-year-old dog from backyard and kick it in the head

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In Frankfort, Kentucky, three juveniles are under investigation for animal cruelty after a video posted on social media showed a 16-year-old dog being kicked mercilessly in the head.  On Wednesday, Sheriff Pat Melton stated his office had been notified through its Facebook page and phone calls by concerned citizens about the disturbing incident.

According to the State Journal, the three juveniles have been identified. Sheriff Melton described the situation:

“They evidently took this poor dog off its chain in the back of somebody’s yard, brought it to the street and then kicked it in the head. Fortunately, what I’ve been told, is the dog’s OK.”

And the sheriff had more words for the heinous crime:

‘It’s disgusting – just to be blunt. It is disgusting and it’s just totally inappropriate. I mean, I can’t believe somebody would do that to a poor, innocent little animal.”

It is expected charges will be filed soon. Animal advocate and rescuer Trudi Johnson identified the sweet 16-year-old dog, named Opal, as only weighing eight-pounds. Opal is lucky to have survived the attack.

“Special thanks to animal angel Trudi Johnson for spearheading the campaign to bring Opal’s abusers to justice and providing comfort and assistance to the family. Opal is safe now and back with her owners, but will likely need more medical treatment.”

To everyone helping to get the word out about the animal abuse, please make the call to the County Attorney’s office and do not let this die out. Phone: 502-223-1000.

(Photos and video of 16-year-old dog kicked in head via Trudi Johnson Facebook)

If you’re not angry enough at this kind of abuse, watch the short video. Please be warned the content is graphic and upsetting.



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  1. Althea Armstrong says:

    Something wrong with those kids. They need to be punished! Made to go to a shelter to work around animals, under strict supervision, maybe they can learn some empathy.

  2. maxiemom says:

    VERMIN!!! In what universe does filth like this think that kicking an 8 pound dog in the head is ok? On the other hand, in what universe does a TRASHY OWNER think that keeping an 8 pound dog on a chain in their back yard is ok? WTF is wrong with the people in that neighborhood?

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      All kidding aside, I let my Beagle out on a tie out, because otherwise she will be in the next county before I could get out the door. We don’t know if this poor dog was kept out on a chain for any length of time, it could just be a case of for a few minutes to potty. If indeed they do chain it out 24/7 then I agree with you, but until I know why the dog was on a chain, I will reserve my anger toward the POS’s that took the dog and kicked it.

      • Ann Dolak says:

        Dogs tied out for any length of time are not safe these days.Walk your dog to potty.Its good for the owner & the dog.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        My poor abused Beagle, She suffers on a tie out for the 2 or 3 minutes she goes out to potty. She doesn’t like being outside, and I don’t trust her with the invisible fence (another horrible thing I do to my dogs) I suppose me walking her up and down our rural roads where people go peeling down them at 60 miles an hour, where there is no shoulder only a ditch on the sides is a better solution. We both could get killed. Thank you for telling me what is good for me and my dogs.

      • Dog Lover says:

        Even if the dog was put out for a potty break, there should still be supervision. Too many things like this happen all over. I have Pit Bulls and they are always supervised when outside. For someone to have the time to steal the dog, take it out to the street, kick it and make a video of it shows there was no supervision.

    • linda says:

      Perhaps they don’t have a fence and the dog needs to be chained when outdoors. Not everyone has a fenced in yard. Those POS’s need some severe punishment, however, I fear the damage has been done. I see future abusers.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    What is wrong with the youth of today! Are they all monsters wanting just to hurt or kill something? That poor little dog didn’t deserve this treatment and why do these “Juveniles” think this is what you do to a defenseless animal. Were they raised in a cave? I hope the parents are really proud of their little darlings! I hope they can get them off the streets!

  4. Vicki says:

    So these guttersnipe punk cowards took on a 16yr old, 8 lb dog, did they? Bring these A-holes to my house where lives a 100+ lb dog who would enjoy taking down any perceived threat. She doesn’t tolerate punks. POS like this have no place in our society. Remove them from the gene pool otherwise I guarantee they’ll find another victim, 4-legged or 2, who might not survive next time.

    One more thing. What’s a 16 yr old dog doing outside on a chain? It’s nothing more than a sitting duck for some knuckle-dragging cretin to come by and hurt or kill.

  5. Emma williams says:

    Apparently these brats had nothing better to do so they figured it would be fun to hurt a helpless animal. This absolutely disgusting no excuses. I believe it’s not the first time it’s just the first time they got caught. Makes me sick.

  6. lilsdad73 says:

    Oh what a thing to do to a poor, defenceless dog, sweet and precious Opal you didn’t deserve that bad treatment!! It’s not enough that teens have all the video games in the world to vent their violence they have to have their ‘fun’ beating up animals. Goddam sickos. If you aren’t already Opal get well soon sweetie ❤️

  7. Darla says:

    I know I’m painting with a broad brush; however, it seems that today’s youth are being raised by video games full of violence because the parents aren’t home or their heads are buried in their phones and they let their cretins run wild. We’re living in a society of instant gratification with everything being available and when our little snowflakes don’t get what they want when they want it, they get ticked off and it can lead to violence. Then again, some sub-humans have no conscience and get their rocks off by doing deplorable things. This was an 8 pound dog that these spawns of Satan stole off a chain in a backyard so they could torture. I’m glad the little dog survived.

  8. rieann says:

    more serial killers in the making i bet to be let out with no punishment the oh they are young bs is coming…… the parents SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY ALL THAT POOR DOGS VET VISITS you raised monster’s now pay for it , next time it will be a lot worse if they are not taken off the streets now

  9. t- says:

    These brat monsters better be prosecuted!! This is horrible…. I can only wish someone that sees this, knows them and KICKS THEM IN THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jennifer mendieta says:

    What is an eight pound dog doing on a chain, second this is the parents fault especially the mother for not teaching Satan’s seed how to have sympathy and empathy. Third I am done fucking kick these idiot juveniles in the head and get ride of them they shouldn’t have a future.

  11. Maria De Martinis says:

    Omg!!! How Disgusting and absolutely Pathetic for kids to do this to a helpless animal! They need to be addressed now before it is too late! They are Lucky he isn’t MY dog! And people Need to learn to constantly keep their pets under surveillance!!!

  12. Lisa Morris says:

    Lord forgive me but this makes me want to kick these idiots in the head , don’t even want to think what I would do to these imbeciles if they had of done this to my baby those idiots

  13. Wendy says:

    believe this or not..But this is the result of children and the youth of today they don’t have God in their hearts and this is the result…What a shame..But thankful someone spoke up and they have been arrested..We demand Justice for the voiceless…

  14. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ces consanguins ne sont que des parasites, de futurs meurtriers, les condamnations doivent être exemplaires, ils savaient très bien se qu’ils fesaient, ils savent parfaitement la différence entre le mal et le bien. Aucune excuse n’est acceptable. Pas de pitié. Ils se sont prient à plus faible qu’eux. Ils ne se seraient pas attaqués à plus fort. Se sont des barbares. Les condamnations doivent être à la hauteur de ces tortures. Marre de ces excuses qui n’en sont pas.

  15. Suzanne Brouillette says:

    I hate to say this but I’m a parent and if they are under age let the parents get a taste of the punishment to because it does start at home what’s next taking an older homeless person and doing the same something is wrong here and something is wrong at home. Parents should take responsibility in this get your kids some help before someone dies.

  16. william l clay says:

    the boys new it was wrong,they should be convicted an let the arrest follow them around rest of there lives, also not allowed to be around pets or own any..


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