Dog gets hind leg stuck in airport escalator

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In Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, sheriff officers and firemen came to the aid of a small dog who got its hind leg caught in an escalator on New Year’s Eve. The three-year-old dog was flying back to New York with his family when it walked onto the escalator, and its paw got caught.

According to Abc10News, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles stated the owners tried to free the small terrier, but the dog bit both of them. Sheriff deputies tried to free him, but didn’t have the right equipment to help, and called the fire department. The pup was not seriously hurt. The dog’s owners refused medical treatment.

And here’s one more reason to keep a dog safely in their airline approved carriers while in the airport. And how about another suggestion – take the stairs or the elevator? Use common sense and save your dog the pain the little pooch must have endured.

(Photo of dog gets hind leg stuck screenshot of AbcNews)

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  1. susan raller says:

    I just can’t believe how ignorant some people are…teach each other please…your ignorance hurts…take care of your pets and stop thinking about yourself. Things could have turned out much worse.


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