Dog's mouth glued shut after eating a brochure

Dog rushed to veterinarian after mouth glued shut

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A dog had to be rushed to a veterinarian for emergency treatment after his mouth was accidentally glued shut. According to Sunday’s BBC News, the bizarre situation took place after a Jack Russell terrier named “Finlay,” chewed on a glossy leaflet that had arrived in the mail.

Thanks to staff at Estcourt Vets in Devizes, Wiltshire, the seven-year-old dog was sedated and the glue-like substance was removed – it took a good deal of effort to free Finlay of the cement-like substance, however. According to the Daily Mail, sedation, and 45 minutes of work with special tools, were required to remove the substance which had cemented the dog’s jaw closed.

In light of the odd reaction, believed to be caused by the dog’s saliva mixing with the coating of the glossy junk mail, veterinary staff at Estcourt has recommended that owners consider buying a secure letter box to keep risky leaflets away from paper-chewing dogs.

(Photo screenshot via Daily Mail)

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