Animal lovers worry for fate of whale at Miami Seaquariam

Animal lovers worry about captive killer whale
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Animal lovers are worried about the fate of a killer whale who is held captive at Miami Seaquarium. In fact, a “Prayers for Lolita” event has even been created on Facebook for the whale who will be riding out Hurricane Irma…apparently alone.

Lolita lives in a tank at the Seaquarium which is self-describe as a “38-acre tropical paradise.” Recently, the Miami Herald reported that Lolita’s tank is “woefully small,” and a recent audit by the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that the tank may not meet size requirements for the captive whale.

On a good day, without a Category 4 Hurricane, the tank is believed to be too small to give Lolita adequate “freedom of movement.” There are current concerns that the tank is so small that the whale will be unable to dive and escape potential hazards created by the massive storm.

No word about Lolita’s current situation on the Miami Seaquarium Facebook page; on Sept. 7, the business wrote:

Miami Seaquarium has been open at its present location since 1955 and it has withstood its fair share of storms. The park has an experienced and dedicated team working diligently to ensure our animals are safe.


More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. Robert Rose– Why are you lying like this? If the seaquarium is so great why are the animals lives so short? sick? and suffering? Babies are born that are not healthy. most babies the Moms refuse to nurture. You are there for the lies, the money and blowing your own horn. The animals are SUFFERING. —GET OUT—SHOW SOME DECENCY. Those animals were born free to have love of family, playtime (not performance time) . If they love you so much– set them free and see if they come back to you.

  2. Profits outweigh the safety of this whale since a hurricane like this only happens every so often.These are the thoughts of those idiots in charge of this facility. Money is the bottom like spending on this whale or keeping it for themselves.

  3. Yes we are
    thank you Penny 4 bringing more awareness to Lolita.
    Scared and ABANDON she is left to suffer by herself right next to the ocean.
    YES THE TANK IS TO SMALL , only selfish greedy people that don’t care and spend the money say its not and captivity is okay..
     Miami Sea Aquarium DOES NOT CARE AT ALL 
    how can you people not see that? it’s all about money that’s it. Each time you buy a ticket you are condoning animals being taken from their natural habitat and families and held captive for our entertainment selfishness and greed.

    I support the #FloridaOrcaProtectionAct

  4. heres a solution.
    let him the hell go.
    he will be adopted by those like him and they will teach him
    to be a free man.
    the rising see has come to take him home.
    let him live. let all the sea creatures back into the sea. the time for viewing animal slaves as a pastime is over, we have bigger fish to fry.
    goods will be scarce. marine parks are now fund less. do not waste time money and resources in deadly stressful transportation to another captivity.
    this stops
    they will suffer worse the humans during the “Neo Florida” reconstruction period .
    this is the event that demands their return to the sea. in the name of god release the animals from the shackles of greed and exploitation. reach deep into your moral compass and know the game changed and you cant play anymore because you lost your battle ship. .
    and that is ill gotten financial compensation to fund the misery you inflict on brutally mistreated kid nap victims.
    its over. I demand redemption.
    now. like your soul depended on it.

    • She is alive, in her dirty, small tank with a dolphin, swimming in circles as usual. I saw some still shots of her. It’s time to get her retired and in a sanctuary.


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