Hemingway House Cats

Hemingway House cats stayed with curator when Hurricane Irma hit Key West

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Tourists visiting Key West, Florida, have undoubtedly heard about the Hemingway House six-toed cats. Those who love the area, and care about the cats, are likely wondering what the plan was for the felines as Hurricane Irma continued to barrel towards the Keys.

According to Fox 5 News, the cats, 54 in total, stayed put inside of the historic house with curator David Gonzales, and several staff members who volunteered to stay at the home during the big storm. In an interview, Gonzales stated that the house was prepped for the storm and staff gathered extra food, water and medications for the cats to ensure that the felines would be well taken-care of during and after the hurricane.

The hurricane slammed into the Keys early Sunday morning – the Facebook page for the Hemingway Home Museum has not posted any updates to page followers since the storm hit. According to ABC News, at least three people have been confirmed dead as a result of the storm.

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More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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10 replies
  1. ellen cottone says:

    these cats are from Manx they have webbed feet and can swim (6-7 toes on each foot) and unusually strong back hind legs this cat came from Africa. the cats we know are from Asia.
    different animal a manxs is highly sophisticated and enjoys the company of dogs and are not timid around humans.
    they can swim. these cats followed Moses when he parted the sea. these cats wondered across the landscape with the wondering Jews
    this cat mutation survived the ancient floods of egypt and and every flood since. dont worry about this cat.
    look into the eyes of this cat.
    shes worried about

    • Mark says:

      All cats have webbed feet. It is believed the cat that was given to Hemingway was a Maine Coon. Polydactyl toes are more common in Maine Coons than any other breeds.

      • ellen cottone says:

        the first cat given to him by the captain was white and Maine coon are stripped like tabbies but the cat in many of the personal pictures of Hemingway the one who was constantly around could be a Maine coon but his hind legs and size make him look more like an old tom cat with more more than his fair share of toes.

  2. ellen cottone says:

    the cat in the picture is not a Hemingway cat.
    pet report, with all the many wonderful pictures of this ancient breed you do us and your self and the cat an injustice.
    everybody google Hemingway cat to see this extraordinary animal it is. this is a creature who was also exiled from Eden with adam and eve. not a creature who developed after the flood of the ark.

      • ellen cottone says:

        then you must know this is not a hemmingway cat.
        all Hemingway cats have the mutation of 24 toes min sometimes more.
        The pic above is a regular cat look at his paws . 5 toes.
        he’s smaller.
        Google Hemingway cat or Manx.
        completely different animal. a Manx has hind legs like a jackrabbit its front legs are shorter.
        They are different animals. this cat is a standard house cat also the strays of the island

      • Mark says:

        Actually not all the cats at the museum are polydactyl. The ones that aren’t still carry the gene. Many breeds can be born with polydactyl toes.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    You should have went with the iconic black and white pic of Hemingway from the fifties with his original cat companion who followed everywhere and ate off hemmingways dinner plate and drank out of his glass. the man, his cat and the islands of key west.


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