Alone, sad and shut down – homeless dog dies Wednesday morning

Sad and alone - dies on Wednesday
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Update 5/3/17: According to the Nueces County TX Dogs In Need of Rescue Facebook page, Jackie has been tagged for rescue!

Sad and alone, a dog dubbed “Jackie” has lost all hope from inside of his lonely kennel run inside of an animal control agency in a small, rural south Texas town. Jackie seems to know that his days are numbered and that nobody cares about his fate.

On Monday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Nueces County, TX: Dogs in Need of Rescue, posted Jackie’s photo, and a few words about the urgency of his situation:

Jackie’s world just got lonelier. He’s alone, scared, and set for EU Wednesday 8 am.

Adorable sweet n social mixed breed, Jackie stopped believing…he has shut down. Is withdrawing. Knows no one is coming to save him.

Wednesday morning is the day that Jackie’s world will draw to a close if help does not arrive in time. Time is of the essence for this homeless pup – please share his information with the hopes that it will reach someone who is in the position to save his life.

DEADLINE: Tues May 2, 6 p.m. cst
FMI: (410) 608-2195

Nueces County is the county where Corpus Christi is located.

The shelter does not run this page, they do not have a website or Facebook page where they advertise dogs in need of homes.

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  1. What a beautiful dog! I will never understand how the people who euthanize healthy dogs by the millions can live with themselves! Crying heartbreaking tears of frustration and helplessness,so wish I could save all dogs from the misery inflicted on them by humanity! I do not think God created the dog for humans to use and abuse them. I hope every last human being that has ever inflicted pain,be it emotional or physical has to answer to our maker!

    • I am with you. Dog God what does that tell you. They are dear to his heart whoever harms them will pay their dues.

  2. I care I’m somebody and these are God’s animals !!! He cares and He loves us all! God bless you angel ???? may you’re angel come to save you God blesses those who save!!!

  3. And my tears are falling animals do die of broken hearts the same as people I’ve taken in over a thousand cats dogs healed them rehomed gave forever homes but like Jackie there is always one and his name was brownie just a big black shorthair kitty cat but his daddy had to move out of trailer park so he brought brownie to us from the moment the old cardboard box opened brownies little heart broke in a million pieces he watched his daddy leave with tears crawled under the corner dresser and did not come out again until don and lifted the dresser off and there were his food bowls untouched his toys water bowls untouched I reached down to comfort him and he had crossed the rainbow bridge I’m hmmm I’m still broken myself because I see it still and may god take this angel as his personal puppy friend Jackie we let you down here forgive us for we are not wise run free now no one will ever forget you again ????????❤️????????????

  4. This dog would be killed, not EU or euthanized. Shelters use this word so people’s feelings are not hurt…..well some feeling NEED to be hurt.
    Euthanize is when you take your senior dog to your vet because the dog is suffering. Not killing a healthy dog.

  5. There are two kinds of people, animal lovers and the second, the ones who just don’t do a thing….they don’t do anything bad or good… the ones who do something can live with themselves….do no harm! A physicians oath!

  6. Please Lord, Save this Dog from Harm. He is one of your Animal Children. Will someone step up and Save this Senior Dog.

  7. Jackie has been tagged for rescue according to the update – I truly HOPE so, I hate to see animals be put down – she is beautiful and deserves a safe loving home.

  8. Went to the fb page and said an older post and she was rescued. You guys can always call the number to check on others and then remember to update.

  9. I don’t understand the purpose of shelters. They create shelters, but then they seem to not do their best efforts to contact agency partners to adopt the dogs on deathrow. Also, post the dogs ahead of time please!


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