Puppy in Kansas City found running down the street after set on fire

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In Kansas City, Kansas, a four-month-old puppy was found running down the street after someone set her on fire. On Saturday, the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City began treating the puppy, who when found, suffered from second and third degree burns covering half of her body. According to the organization’s Facebook page, authorities believe this may have been an intentional act of animal cruelty:

“Every so often we see glimpses of humankind at its worst & today is one of those days.  These pictures are graphic, but we want you to meet Aurora, a ~4 month old pitbull mix puppy who was brought to us today with 2nd & 3rd degree burns covering almost half of her body. She was reported to the local authorities while seen running down the street after being set on fire. Aurora was then picked up at 813 S. Ferree St. in KCK and brought to us through our Ray of Hope partnership with KCK Animal Services. She is now safe and being treated for her severe injuries, which will require about one month of burn care & may result in permanent scarring. Although we haven’t known Aurora long we can already see she is one brave little pup!”

If anyone has any information about this puppy now named Aurora, please contact Detective Gunzenhauser with the Criminal Investigations Bureau of the Kansas City Police Department – KCKPD at 913.573.6058 or [email protected].

Donations can be made to Ray of Hope, Gabriel’s Fund for injured animals or directly to Aurora’s fund. The puppy will also need a foster home; if interested in helping, please contact the shelter or call (913) 596-1000.

(Photos of Kansas City puppy Aurora via Facebook)

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Help bonded German shepherd and her tiny nearly blind pal out of a busy shelter. 

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    • I believe whoever did such a cruel act against this helpless dog will not stop from hurting a human either. He should be charged big time. When will laws finally be useful and do something again dirt bags like that!?

    • When these subhumans are found, make certain they are publicly shamed, regardless of their ages. They knew full well what they were doing and it takes a pretty sadistic mind to want to hurt an animal and watch it suffer.

      • Screw that. Put. Them. Down.
        They are useless psychopaths & offer nothing positive to the world. They are oxygen stealers. They need to stop breathing.

    • I so don’t understand why people would do this to an animal that is to s scared to fight back I mean it’s just a puppy! How cruel can you be! Why would you do that! Set yourself on fire and see how much you like it!

  1. Posting a reward would most certainly help to bring someone willing to turn this filthy maggot in to authorities. Whoever tortured this innocent dog has no right to ever take another breath and should be treated exactly like they treated this puppy – with NO MERCY!

    • Debbie that’s the problem,even if caught and charged there will not be any punishment! Even if this is one of the few states that has animal cruelty ranked as a felony there will not be any significant punishment! It’s always the same old standard “fine and probation” sentance! The courts gets their money and the brutal abuser walks! Until the good people of this country band together in protest this horror will continue to fourish and grow,and why not,the law makers and the judicial system enables,condones and protects the abuser! I think the only reason animal cruelty was made a crime is so the courts can generate money because the abusers are never,ever punished! Why even bother arresting them if they are not going to punish them? RIDICULOUS AND DISPICABLE!!!

    • Whoever did this crazy cruel action is a lost soul…… They will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…….

      I for one would love to see them get to Hell ASAP (waste of resources to keep them alive) & (preferably) before they pollute the gene pool……

      • Yes. Generally this type of evil subhuman is totally sold out to their daddy Satan. There’s not a big chance they’ll ever repent and accept a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

    • I believe that whoever can do this horrific act to any fur baby needs to face the death penalty and have the same done to them as they do to these innocent babies. No excuse! These fur babies are just as important or more than humans. They deserve justice and until we as a society make these freak abusers and killers accountable the suffering will not end! A eye for a eye- in many countries it actually stops criminals from their horrendous acts of violence upon all living beings, including all fur babies!

  2. Once again I am crying tears of horror,heartache and frustration! The pain of being burned is one of the most horrific any living thing can endure! I am mortified!

  3. There are neighborhood watch programs in place, and a severe need for animal cruelty watch programs. A group of people who are like minded and abhor senseless cruelty could be eyes and ears for these types of cases. I’m willing to bet whoever did this is missing a chip and needs to be isolated and treated. I have to overcome saying what i’d really enjoy doing because cruelty doesn’t fight cruelty.

      • You’re right. People who abuse animals will never stop. I couldn’t imagine the pain this poor baby is going through considering we humans with same type of burns are induced into comas for pain management.

  4. I just pray that all who abuse and torture innocent animals will get their punishment in he’ll in the end… cause God knows they SURE are not getting any type of punishment here on earth….

    • They most likely will. If they are this wicked there’s not much chance they’ll repent and ask Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Saviour. But they’ll discover that hell/the lake of fire is for all eternity and they will never get any relief from their anguish.

      • Mike – Yes. There really is a hell and the Bible tells us the vast majority of people who ever lived will go there. Whether the person or persons who committed this heinous deed (if it was on purpose) go there are not is between them and God.
        We can work to enact and enforce tougher laws against animal abuse here on earth.

      • I commented IF. I want proof. I don’t follow your religious beliefs. I have my own thank you.

      • I imagine you all have read the update. This puppy turned over a pan of hot grease on the stove on himself. The owners took him to the vet. They didn’t have the money for his treatment but didn’t want him euthanized so they called an animal rescue and relinquished him. He was not running down the road. Somehow the newspaper messed up the story.

  5. Yes I can’t believe these horrible things keep happening! These people need to removed from society! They are socialpaths or psychopaths!

  6. There needs to be a ” WHITE SHEET” party for the TOTAL BASTARD that TORTURED this HELPLESS little Girl…. tar and feathers… and strung up ( in of course a humane fashion) so they remain alive and can send out a message to their friend’s about torture and the END RESULTS!!!

    • White Sheet Party!!??
      Did you just make a K.K.K referance!!?? …strung up so they remain alive to send out a clear message!!??
      What would that message be Penny D. that Violance is the way to Go, Go , Goooo!!?? Or that your a hopless racist and you cant figure out what your tell is.

      So when you find out your wrong about the color of the perp. will you call for a Black Sheet Party!!??
      Just trying to follow in your “Muddy” Hateful foot steps here. What planet are you from where you think you have friends here. or that civilized people here share the same shame as you here.
      Your like a real…
      old timey racist arent you?

      • Glad to know that I am not the only one that was totally appalled and offended by penny’s comment! Really really offensive and awful! Smh

    • while your at it you should send a message to your self. about hate, race and putting the blame on the wrong people. and you should treat your own visions and obsessions with your immages of burning, hanging and and murder and torcher. your obsessed with visions of murder of people you hate. that have done no wrong.
      How did you grow up to be so hateful to a group of innocent people.what gives you the right to be so racist and violent?

  7. May have been an act of cruelty really? This pup did not light her self on fire comeone this is definitely an act of torture and I hope to God the scum who did this is found before he finds another animal he can torture!!!

  8. May have been intentional? Really? As opposed to what, her setting herself afire? I am so sick of these horrible things being done to poor little innocent animals, Someone knows who did this, do you really want to protect this sort of monster? Turn them in, get them off the streets, it will only lead to more horrible acts if they aren’t punished and punished severely!

  9. This defies all comprehension, why anyone could even think of doing such a hideous thing to an animal.
    One thing to remember . . . violent psychopaths who do terrible things to other people usually start with doing terrible things to animals. It’s a very well known and documented phenomena.
    Whoever did this should be looking at serious time in prison.
    Even in prison, sick f**ks like this don’t fare very well with the other inmates.

    • The F.B.I. conducted extensive studies and determined there was a direct connection between evil subhuman children of Satan who purposely hurt and/or killed vulnerable and innocent animals and escalating violence towards human beings. That’s why they made animal abuse a Class A federal felony as of January 1, 2016. But, unless the feds get involved for some reason, state laws apply and most of these are a joke. Please, folks, call/write/email your state senators and representatives and urge them to enact much tougher laws against animal abuse.

      • I have been doing that not just for my state but other states and countries. So far I have only noticed slight change happening but aim not going to stop trying. That’s the only way change will ever happen is if we all keep trying. The best way to lose your power is to believe that you have name! and true, there is no changing someone that likes to hurt. ‘they can’t be rehabilitated.


  11. Arrêtez de parler de dieu, s’il existait, il ne permettrait pas toutes ces horreurs, et pour l’ instant, s’est cette pauvre âme innocente qui souffre. Il faut que ces barbaries cessent.

  12. In broad daylight someone saw who did this to this innocent baby! That person or persons need to come forward and tell the truth! This is a horrific act of cruelty, those responsible will be punished for this! It goes like this money loosens peoples tongues, that and someone has no doubt already bragged about this act! So watch your ass its going to get awful hot one day soon for you and those you care about! Payback is a bitch!

  13. Donated some for Aurora’s medical care . Such a sad sight to see those photos. Praying for her recovery and better future!

  14. I see that and I feel such anger! Who could do that to such a beautiful dog? A thug? A DOGSBITE POS? Whoever did it deserves to be treated in kind. I hope the filth is found and locked up FOR LIFE. Seeing this beautiful dog in this kind of pain would break anyone’s heart unless they are a monster! Get well soon, Aurora, I hope you find a GREAT new home.

  15. I hope they find the POS that did this to the poor pup and charge them with animal cruelty. I can’t even imagine the pain this poor little creature is in and for no good reason. What….did it pee on the carpet or chew on your shoe?? It’s a puppy!! Poor baby. Please find it a loving home if the poor baby lives through what someone deemed justifiable to do to the baby……get it people….baby……

  16. Find them or then how done this! !! And put him/her in fire ???????????????????? whish you a Good recavering AURORA ????????????????????????

  17. Please help this little puppy who some evil monsters burned. This world is at an all time high for animal abuse. Mass media made it worse, they think they’re big shots because they can broadcast their evil go the public. Evil monsters. That poor dog is in excruciating pain. Please fix her.


  18. human monsters that do something like this will move to children and adults at some point – they are not human and they are not normal they need to be removed from society … take that any way you want – and there are too too many of them out there ! Story last night of father beating his 4 month old son to death on the floor .. what is going on in this country ?

    • It’s not just your country it seems the whole world has so many evil people who seem to take pleasure in hurting innocent animals and children. One can only hope and believe that what comes around goes around so one day I do believe they will get their judgement.

      • the world and the country are not filled with evil people. evil people are rare and dont you forget it. this aint a norm and it aint on the rise. they are just sick people. anyone who beats a 4-month old or lights a dog on fire is a dangerious person to society and thats it. gone are the days of the infamous serial killer because the technology of the day is differant. the baby killer is caught so its over. too bad the family let the 4-month old down because its a suprise to no one that this happened to this baby. what comes around goes around does not apply. its simple you will pay for your heinious acts against man or animal. were in a whole new world now and we are expected to help not just sit around and cry . as far as getting that judgment? thats a little too pasive for most people. the judgment you talk about is between a passed on person and god. i was hopeing judgment will come sooner as when he is discoverd and removed from society and its innocent creatures befor he inflicts more pain and suffering.


  20. Someone knows who did this or whose puppy this is. IF SO….. and you do not report the monster who did this, you are every bit as guilty as the lousy excuse of human flesh that did this!!!

    • Yes. You’re right. They couldn’t afford the vet bills but refused to have the dog euthanized. So they called an animal rescue organization and surrendered the dog so he could be helped.

  21. Hasn’t it since come to light that this dog was an “owner surrender” that they turned in after it knocked a skillet full of grease on itself, and they couldn’t afford vet bills? I suppose the scenario of it running down the street after being set on fire makes a better $tory.

    • Ellen Cottone – The Bible tells us differently. It tells us that people are basically sinful and wicked and that even the most godly and righteous person is just a miserable sinner without God’s grace. We are all born with a sinful nature. One sin separates us from a just, holy and righteous God. That’s why Jesus Christ died on the cross. He was a perfect sacrificial lamb for our sins – if we only accept and believe.
      I am not just sitting around and crying over animal abuse. That’s why I’m an animal rights advocate. I work to change and enforce animal abuse laws – among other things.

    • This puppy turned over a hot pan of cooking grease on the stove onto himself. The owners could not afford the vet bill and refused to have the dog euthanized so they relinquished him to a rescue group so he could be treated. The newspaper, for whatever reason, totally jacked up this story. The dog was not running down the street.

      • That is garbage.Wow you are gullible.This is not an injury from a hot cooking pan being knocked over on the stove.This poor puppy was intentionally abused.The bible and religion are rubbish.

  22. I can’t believe the way these ppl treat there pets is diabolical they should have the same done to them as wot they done to there pets ????????????

  23. There are so many satans living in this planet pretending as humans! Hope they go back to burn in hell for eternity!

  24. What kind of sick and twisted thing could do this to a beautiful innocent little animal. I have a beautiful Border Collie at home and he is my baby and if anyone ever touched him they would disappear for ever. The thing that tortured this little pup should get the same treatment but not be put out. Let him or her burn. Who whoever did it doesn’t deserve to live. He or she will burn in hell. It shatters my soul when i see things like this. Dogs are a gift from God.


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