Dog chained to cinder block

Dog chained to cinder block and left to die at lake

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Someone left a sweet dog alone in mud and standing water at a lake in Kansas. The dog, dubbed “Deputy,” was chained to a cinder block and abandoned.

On Monday, the Great Plains SPCA notified its Facebook followers about the dog’s rescue:

Please take a good look at Deputy. He was found chained to a cinder block near Longview Lake on Friday morning, covered in mud, presumably left to die in high water levels.

When Deputy was first discovered, he was rightfully terrified – unsure who to trust after being so cruelly cast aside. According to the shelter, Deputy has since realized that the people he is around want to help him rather than hurt him – he is finally safe and his happiness shows.

Deputy is out of harm’s way and there are many people who are clamoring to give him a loving home. Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

Donations for Deputy and other dogs who have been cast aside can be made here.

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(Great Plains SPCA photo)

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17 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    When I saw the Headline : I thought well another South, north Carolina, Tennessee, or Texas… I was SO SURPRISED to SEE another KANSAS INCIDENT!!! I always have admired, and respected YOUR STATE OF KANSAS AND THE FINE PEOPLE , Farmers, Construction, Medical Professionals there… Now to SEE THIS HORRIFIC TREATMENT of YOUR STATES PETS< and ANIMALS < saddens me GREATLY…. as your NEIGHBOR TO THE NORTH!!!! JUST SIMPLY SICKENING!!!!

    • texag572015 says:

      Why Texas? When did you visit Texas? Come to College Station and visit the Veterinary School. We take care of our animals and pets here, all over the state. You are prejudiced against the South for some reason.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        DAH ::: Where the Hell do YOU read about 80% or more of the HORRIFIC ANIMAL ABUSE,MAIMING< TORTURE< ABANDOMENT<CASES… THE SOUTH (including Southern California, Florida, Louisianna, Mississippi,) DAMN RIGHT I am prejudiced and YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!!

      • Beth Weekes says:

        UNBELIEVEABLE statement texag!!! YOUR STATE of TEXAS is disgusting. AND….the amount of donated money from everyday people all over this country, is CONSTANTLY abused by the SOUTH’S need for constant rescue help from the ASPCA and the HSUS and that is a documented fact. A disgusting documented fact. AND you say penny is prejudice, there is no prejudice, just fact of which you are so sadly ignorant! I will have to say, NORTH CAROLINA does beat you in heinous, savage behaviors by it’s people, but your state is a darn close 2nd!!!
        YOUR STATE of TEXAS harbors a frightening number of sick, sociopathic people that commit vile crime against animals and so easily get just a slap on the wrist. SICK!

  2. Darla says:

    WTF is wrong with people? I know, it’s a rhetorical question. I can understand why Deputy was terrified. Who knows what else this poor dog has endured at the hands of some POS that Deputy loved because he didn’t know any better. Thank God he was saved before he drowned in high water.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    This disgusting, if you dont want your pet anymore take them to the shelter or find a safe home but this? This is not right, what a dispicable way to treat an animal who loved the person who did this! Too much is happening lately and its not right! At least this little kid was saved!

    • Janice Nicholson says:

      Hope and prey they find the Bastard scum lowlife That did this to this .Poor sweet dog…..Take whoever did this to a lake chain him.up around the neck and give him a Concrete Boot..The Evil Bastard. Hang on Deputy going to a loving home soon .!!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thankfully, Deputy was rescued and I hope he gets the safe loving home he obviously never had. Whoever did this should be hogtied and dumped in the nearest and deepest body of water. Animal abusers need to pay dearly for their cruelty.


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