Update: Man arrested for cruel beating of a dog

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A man was arrested on Wednesday evening for the alleged cruel beating of a dog in connection with an event on a train in Essex last month. Police released disturbing photos and video of a Staffordshire Bull terrier being savagely beaten by a man wearing a hoodie. The photos showed the dog hung by his leash,  hit against the wall of the train, beaten in the head and then pressed up against the seat by the man’s foot. The incident occurred on the Braintree to Witham service in Essex, United Kingdom.

According to EchoNews, police arrested a 22-year-old Kieren Milledge, with no listed address for suspicion of animal cruelty. He has been released on bail until January 6, pending further inquiries. Media outlets report Milledge has been receiving death threats; authorities are warning citizens to stay away and leave the investigation to police.

from Chelmsford after appealing to the public for information. Authorities from the British Transport Police released the following statement:

 “Following phenomenal interest and shares from the public a man has this afternoon been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty, in connection with this investigation. This was an unbelievably shocking act of cruelty. No animal should ever be subjected to such punishment. Clearly this animal was frightened for its life as he emptied his bowls on the seat and train carriage.”

Images of the dog cruelly beaten and abused pulled off a closed circuit television video had been released by authorities asking for the public’s help identifying the man and the dog. According to Itv.com, authorities described the incident as an “unbelievably shocking act of cruelty.” The staff was forced to cancel the service to clean up dog feces and urine from the seat and walls of the train.

No followup information about the dog’s condition has been released.

Read the original report here.

(Photo of beating of a dog via British Transport Police.)

33 replies
  1. Audra m. Lacey-ehrlich says:

    I hate you you little bastard I’d step on you and make you shit and piss on your self I ever see you , god save the animals and the Queen too for that matter

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’espère que la justice fera son travail et l’emprisonnera à vie. Se n’est qu’un dégénèré un barbare, si elle ne le fait pas, que le peuple le fasse, cette cruauté ne doit pas rester impunis.

  3. rieann says:

    death threats wonder why well hmm maybe because nothing is ever done but slaps on hands 99% of the time, so people are mad!!!! it will never ever stop none of it the dog fighting beating killing rape of dogs etc untill the system and judges start caring about ever living being proven fact abuse animal will abuse humans so if you don’t care about the poor animals think about him/her getting let out and maybe next time it is your family member

  4. Gretta Lucas says:

    The world needs stiffer laws when it comes to animals not everyone should be allowed to have a pet they are living breathing beings that feel as we do. People who abuse animals should be treated as if they abused a child,animals a nice the true Peter pan’s of the world.

  5. Animalrights International says:

    Don´t be that horrible sick guy!
    Just because the poor animals can’t talk, doesn’t mean they aren’t speaking. If you open your heart you will hear them. Some people are just born nasty and cruel…I worry about their children…if they have so little feelings for animals and defenseless beings…and are unnecessarily cruel because they enjoy being so…how can they be fit parents? How do they treat the helpless little beings that are their babies and children? Cruelty does not end if it is in a person’s mind and if they can do this to helpless animals. Yes animals do speak. But, not all humans can hear them because of their narcissistic ways. It is those with the ability to have all our senses working simultaneously with our compassionate hearts and intelligent minds who have this ability to hear their pleas. The one human institution that truly boggles me with their hypocritical blindness, deafness, and silent complicity are all the religious leaders. In my opinion, for Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism to remain silent on this daily animal Holocaust, makes every religion hypocritical. I’d go as far as saying all religions speak for the devil as long as they accept this daily Holocaust through their silence. Don´t be that horrible sick guy!

  6. Lisa says:

    I hope when he was arrested the dog was taken to safety. This pos needs to have his ass beat and thrown in jail. Please update a status on the poor dog!

  7. Sherry nicolaas says:

    Where is that poor dog seriously you talk all about the POS BUT NATHING ABOUT THE DOG??? I just want to no if the dog is safe and away from this guy…

  8. Sharon E Rouse says:

    He deserves punishment by the hand of God Almighty that he will nevet forget. Sorry loser. How can you live with yourself. You are rotted trash and I hope they put you dpwn the disposal alive.

  9. Gianna Macias says:

    to leave the matter to the police, as they do such a good job in these cases, and also the judges do a lousy jobs most of the time. And if he is like this with an animal in a public place, I wonder what he does to other creatures (including humans) that cannot defend themselves. He is a public threat.

  10. Jax says:

    Idiot fucking brits. Snaggle toothed mother fuckers wonder why they’re universally hated, like Americunts. Being that Americunts and brits are the same shit different region, I say kill em all. Fuck you British scum, and to all that filth that found it’s way across the Atlantic. Only in the UK where you can kill a dog on video and nobody intervenes.


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