Dog owner sentenced to jail for abusing dog on Essex train

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The dog owner who violently abused his dog on an Essex train traveling from Braintree and Witham  October 10 has been sentenced to jail for animal cruelty. According to the East Anglian Daily Times, Kieran Milledge, 22, admitted animal cruelty at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on Friday and has been sentenced to 21 weeks in jail and is also banned from keeping animals for life.

Milledge was videoed on the train’s closed circuit television as he swung his Staffordshire bull terrier, named Ronnie by his leash, slammed the dog against the wall of the train and then shoved his foot against the dog’s face on the train seat. The dog was so frightened he defecated on the seat and the wall of the train. The crew of the train originally began an investigation after they were forced to cancel the train because of the mess.

In addition to the 21 weeks in jail for animal cruelty, Milledge was also sentenced to six months for possession of a bladed article and another eight weeks for a breached suspended sentence. It is expected the heartless dog owner will spend the next eight months behind bars.

Tragically, police have confirmed Ronnie died a few days after the horrendous attack.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. Rest in peace Ronnie.

Previous article can be read here.

(Photo of Essex train via PA screenshot ITV Report)


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  1. So I like to take my Spike baseball cleats and slamming into your face and have nothing left in that ugly mother f****** face douchebag piece of s*** rest in peace Ronnie hopefully somebody will have some decency in prison and beat the living s*** and make my b****

  2. Saddened that the Dog died from his abuse. Sentence should be harder, since the Dog died from the attack. Sick, heartless person

  3. While in jail I hope he drops his soap in the shower. The “bladed article” they found makes me wonder…..what else he did to Ronnie. POS, bastard!!!!

  4. We need a registry to be shared across states. People capable of cruelty to animals are known to turn violent and will have victims among humans as well. Not to mention they will try to get their hands on animals up for adoption. They are most likely mentally sick.

  5. I hope they f***** rape your punka** til you puke blood. Then when you’re all stretched out and of no use anymore, they kick your f****** teeth down your throat so they can skullf*** you, you worthless pos.

  6. This bastard will hopefully meet his fate in jail wirh some fellow animal loving inmates. I hope he will be fucked up for life!!!!! Rip poor baby you are better of now then before!!!

    • I hope those inmates get him good. No animal deserves cruelty like this. Ronnie is in the loving arms of our Lord. RIP beautiful Ronnie.~♡~

  7. This is absolutely not enough time in jail. Can you imagine this thing coming across a lost animal, or a lost child. He can not be trusted in populations of any sort. This is an abuser and a murderer. Someone needs to put him down.


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