Tragic ending for dog believed to have been dragged by vehicle

Tragic ending - dog dies after being dragged by vehicle
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A dog, believed to have been dragged by a vehicle, suffered a tragic and untimely demise in Surprise, Arizona. According to the Surprise Police Department, the severely injured pit bull mix was found at a business in the area of 13000 West Cottonwood Street on December 1.

In a release from the authorities, details of the disturbing discovery were made public:

Upon arrival, officers spoke with a one of the employees and discovered a severely injured dog had walked onto the property. The injured animal, described as a brindle colored male Pit Bull/Chinese Sharpei mix, had a long white rope tied around his neck that was soiled in blood and was covered with asphalt.

The grievously wounded dog had open wounds on his head, body, and legs and he was covered with dirt and asphalt. The injuries on the dog’s body are consistent with those which would result from being dragged by a vehicle at a high rate of speed.

On December 2, the wounded dog was humanely euthanized – his injuries too severe for him to be saved. The police are seeking the public’s assistance and are asking anyone with any information in this case to please contact the Surprise Police Department at 623.222.4000 or 623.222.TIPS (8477). Tips can also be emailed to [email protected]. When contacting the police, please reference Inc# 161200061.

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  1. I’m so sick at the human mentality. Mean and abusive. They need to change the sentence you commit the crime, you will do the time. These dogs have the same rights as we do. We do it we have to face the law. Now it should be the same thing for these animal’s, that have more, yes more feelings than you people. Your a disgrace and should be looked up. Try it again, it’s a death sentance, Just like you did to an innocent pet. We love all pets, you do something like this, you better pray your not near animal lovers, you’d be dead.

    • I agree with Maureen. You made an excellent point. It still goes on and on. When will some people leave animals alone? when?

  2. They need to bring back corporal punishment. Whatever you do to the dog, is done to you. POS.

    RIP sweet dog. I’m sorry you suffered. I can’t imagine what went through your mind as you were being dragged.

  3. I think the FBI better start to look into all these abused cases they said there going after people who abuse animals was suppose to start in 2016

    • I fully agree with you. We need to petition to the FBI and request to give permission for them to investigate animal abuse. It should become top priority along with other national security issues.

  4. Bless your heart little one, you are most definitely in a better place now with God. People just scare me more and more, with reports like this seeming to happen more frequently. What a way to go, my God. What a beautiful little boy and may your life hereafter be one of happiness, joy and all the things this planet and its cruel and heartless humans weren’t able to provide for you. You’re in my prayers baby boy, in mine and many others!!

  5. I so wish they would bring back the death penalty for animal abuse, child abuse, rape and murder. Then maybe some if this abuse would stop. People in our world today are crazy and abusive. Rest in peace little one…

  6. I don’t understand how abuse like this can go on so much in public eye?!?!…The world needs more people to look out for just the pets!!..There’s so many people in this world yet there’s not enough attention being paid just for their safety!!…If someone sees or thinks something suspicious about animal abuse, don’t turn a blind eye or think someone else will deal with it!!..By then it’s too late!!..With many complaints and concerns the abusers will be stopped before alot can happen. God help!!

  7. Why?? Are some people’s lives so miserable they feel the need to inflict this type of misery and pain upon innocent creatures? I Pray for this unfortunate dog; I’m sorry you were the subject of some hateful person’s rage.

  8. My heart breaks for this little one. The mere thought of what he went through makes me sick. Does anyone know who to contact to start a reward for the arrest of the individual(s) responsible for this. I want them to pay for their crime ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

  9. This is murder what kind of beings do this these are evil beings with no souls punish them an eye for an eye maybe they should be dragged behind a car????????RIP you are with God now ????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. He should be dragged behind a truck until he cries out for mercy then run over him with the truck. Unfortunately the law prohibits cruel and unusual punishment – even though they show no mercy to their victims. Poor baby looks like he is still a puppy. RIP sweetness.


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