Young chimp leaves war torn-Iraq for Africa freedom

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In an ultimate act of kindness, a four-year-old chimpanzee, who captured the hearts of his zoo keepers and the special person who cared for him, has been freed and headed to Africa where he will be joined by other chimps. According to ExpressNews, Alberta,Canadian teacher, Spencer Sekyer promised the young chimp he would help him return home after the two bonded when caring for him while volunteering at the Duhok Zoo in Iraq three years prior.manno-2

The entire complicated process to finally free Manno took nearly three years as Sekyer tirelessly coordinated efforts with officials, organizations and primatologist Jane Goodall. No one knows for sure how Manno became part of the zoo – maybe he was born there or maybe he was trafficked after being stolen from Central Africa. Sekyer also worked with an Animals Lebanon executive who helpled negotiate Manno’s transfer. Prime minister Nechervan Barzani finally  procured the release.

There has never been any doubt that Manno wasn’t well cared for at the zoo, but now he would finally be free to be a chimp again Sekyer explained.

“He’s not meant to be here. This is certainly the right thing to do. Am I going to change the world with Manno, saving Manno? No, but I changed Manno’s world…,” Sekyer stated as  he gave the chimp a warm hug and kisses goodbye.

Live long and free Manno. You are free.

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(Photos of young chimp via Duholk Zoo)



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