Sick child’s wish to pet Golden Retrievers comes true

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Never have there been so many breathtakingly beautiful Golden Retrievers gathered in one place in Singapore, but a little boy’s birthday wish via Make-A-Wish Foundation  brought more than a 100 happy pups together at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday, reports the Singapore.issacs-birthday

Lahl Isaac’s 13th birthday was celebrated with smiles and lots of head pats after the foundation arranged for Lahl to meet three Golden Retrievers and a few other dogs last month. When told of the teen’s reoccurring  brain cancer however, which now confines Lahl to a wheelchair, ophthalmologist Leo Seo Wei, who owns two Goldens,  wanted to throw the youngster a party with dogs in an unforgettable experience. So with the help of the Golden Retriever Club -Singapore Facebook followers, the party had just begun.issacs-birthday-2

“Other kids want to go to Disneyland and all. But Isaac’s wish is so simple – just to pat dogs. That’s what moved us,” said Dr. Leo accompanied by her husband Eric Hong and son Dylan.

And then people volunteered, decorated, sponsored  and even those without dogs came forward to join in the youngster’s celebration of life. Some people brought dog presents and treats, while the dogs  lined up waiting their turn to kiss and greet the brave youngster who smiled from ear to ear. issacs-birthday-3

The party ended as 200 people sang Happy Birthday and watched him as he blew out his candles. It was a glorious event as Lahl’s mother, Tan Mei Lee and the family Chihuahua Kirby, enjoyed every moment.

“I really want to thank everyone who came and offered to help. He was really looking forward to this. I can tell dogs are very therapeutic for him. The first thing he does every morning is look for his dog.”

Bless the people and the dogs for making this a special wish for a young man. Share the joy.

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  1. The is such an UPLIFTING STORY!!! To see all those people come out for one little boy DOG LOVE IT!!! Bless them ALL for making HIS DAY!!!!


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