Puppy thrown away in apartment complex dumpster

On Thursday, a darling puppy was thrown away in an apartment complex dumpster in South Lansing, Michigan, and the local animal control agency is hoping to receive a tip to help them break the case of suspected animal cruelty. According to Friday’s CBS Detroit News, the eight-week-old pit bull mix puppy was found in a dumpster located near Jolly Rd and Martin Luther King Blvd.

On Friday, the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter announced the offering a reward in the alleged cruelty case, “We need your help! This puppy was found in a dumpster at an apartment community in South Lansing, near Jolly Rd and Martin Luther King Blvd. A $500 reward is being offered for any information that leads to the conviction of persons responsible.”

Because the puppy is currently considered to be “evidence” in the cruelty case, she is not available for adoption.

Anyone with a tip or information about this situation is asked to call the shelter at 517-676-8370, those who want to make a tip anonymously can call a tip line at 517-676-8376.

(Photo via Ingham County Animal Shelter FB page)



  1. SunWolf(Beth) C
    SunWolf(Beth) C says:

    Only 8 weeks dam ! What a horrific way to start your life, he is just hecca adorable. Thank goodness the manager was out and about. Glad he is safe, very blessed.
    I often think about the ones that we don’t hear about.

  2. virginia green
    virginia green says:

    find the person and jail them with people who hates people who hurts ,or kill the 4 legged kids wearing fur.plus what the person did to the dog.do it to them also.

  3. Penny's Dachshund
    Penny's Dachshund says:

    Michigan is turning into the NEW SOUTH of The North!!! The hate , discontent, abuse of human’s and animals is horrific !!!! Hopefully the “apartment complexes ” will start doing “dumpster Checks ” a couple times daily!!! This sweet little girl didn’t deserve this… There are Rescues, Shelters but the Lazy Bastard who did this puts NO value on Life!!! Hope whoever did this ends up being a “Drive By” in a body bag!!!

  4. Katrine Walsh
    Katrine Walsh says:

    People like these need to be LOCKED UP, and not just in jail, the Psychiatric Ward of jail. There should be a Sick Abusive Predator database like the sex offenders have to submit to. Wish somebody would put THAT on the ballot, as I consider people like that yesterday,today and tomorrows serial killers and torturers. They’re just honing their skills-till some fool woman accepts a date from them. One of the pre-eminent reasons I used to heckle at stupid men “You goddamn dog!” Unfortunately, I realize now I was putting down the sweet creature and NOT the CRETIN in a man’s clothes. Because of men’s need to do these things to others, I will always rely on the good sense that you can’t trust a one out there.


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